Flowers Must Die part VI

Flowers must die VI

(1/269, F2, ISO100, 3mm)

Resurrecting the ´Flowers Must Die´- series (that sounds contradictory!), because I walked upon this scene of a clash between natural and human creations…
(As you can see by the exif it was again taken by phone)

65 thoughts on “Flowers Must Die part VI

    • Totally agree, doesnt take more than two days though; and even at home in some water they wont last longer, but they will give a great smell till the end…
      Thanks for stopping by, Janina, have a great day, Ron.

  1. This actually reminds me a lot of the post I wrote today of the High Line park in NYC! After the track was abandoned, plants started growing on the tracks juxtaposing natural and human design, just like this picture.

    • Hi Amelie, some years ago i visited the High Line Park and loved it; such a great way of keeping that history and making a new one!
      Hope all is well, thanks for stopping by, Ron.

    • Thanks, Allan! Actually it grew above it on a tree, but my interest is in the slow death on this human made structure on the ground 😉
      No more bloom for this one…
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Hi Meg, thanks for the compliment, exactly what I wanted to show and saw when starting this series, hope to find more of these scenes!
      All the best, greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks, Truels! As I am always on the lookout for dying flowers on human structure since I started this series and being a shoegazer these sometimes help 😉
      Greetings, my friend, Ron.

      • Mmmm – didn’t really know how to explain it! What I mean is the narrowing gap between the red bars towards the top of the picture. Somehow, to me, it seems like quite a strong element in your photograph – but don’t ask me to explain why! 🙂

        • Sorry for asking, totally understand it now, does make it a bit more ´closed´ as you said, otherwise it would have been very straight and also nice to have more of the side of those colorful bars!
          Thanks for taking such a thorough look, Noelle, hope you have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Thank you, Angeline, I do agree, although it´s difficult to downgrade the others for me 😉
      but the background is the most interesting so far, I think!
      Warm greetings from KL, Ron.

    • Hi Barbara, oh yeah, saw those rusty rotten spots, but could be last drops indeed! This one was totally made by the industrial colors in the back in my opinion with its own grey drops.
      Thanks for your thorough look as always, hope all is well, Ron.

  2. Wonderful colours in this one, Ron!
    So much beauty and sadness in this image.

    And the knowledge that flowers must die (I see the symbolism… that we all must die, and that scares me a lot and I’ve always been scared of death).

    • Hi Malin, thank you for your visit and view! The main idea is definitely about the dying of flowers, but also that even in dying we obstruct them from giving their last breath and energy back to the soil with roads, pavements and in this a sewer cover. The title -like lots of them- comes from a title of song from a very obscure german krautrock band; very weird unsettling stuff (too)!
      (I always think it´s weird to not be scared of death, i guess that´s possible only if the situation on this earth gets unbearable)
      have a good week and enjoy what you´re up to, all the best, Ron.

      • I agree, I think it’s kind of weird too not being scared of death.
        But as you say, it’s possible if the situation gets unbearable.
        I can understand those who feel death as a relief, for example those who have a lot of health problems and other things that stops possibilities to have a normal life.

        About your link (Ash Ra Tempel) – yes, weird… but I like some of it. 🙂

        • Hi Malin, exactly what I meant when your body isnt able to carry you!
          As for the music, i like their instrumental stuff the best, the vocals are a bit off here in my opinion, but the title worked for me 😉
          Have a good weekend, Ron.

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