Endless, Nameless

Endless Nameless

Next to Villaviciosa de Odón on the road to our last hometown in Spain, Sevilla La Nueva, lies a never finished construction for a cancer treatment hospital.
After a year of driving past it I visited the site in my last week before leaving Spain…

(1/250, F8, ISO200, 13mm)

36 thoughts on “Endless, Nameless

    • Thank you very much, exactly what I thought and still havent figured out why they made all these similar holes in these walls!?
      All the best from KL, Ron.

    • Mmm, never opened so hope not 😉
      Still no clue why somebody would open up all these walls simultaneously but does make for an endless view…
      Greetz, Ron.

    • Thank you, Jane, there wasnt much color so the choice for B&W was obvious here, i thought
      Intrigueing why someone would make these similar shaped holes thru so many walls?!
      Warm greetings from KL, Ron.

    • Thank you, Marcos, it didnt work for me in color, too much distraction from the simple contrasts and eternal repetition!
      Have a good day, Ron.

  1. Even after you stated what this is I still have no idea…but it is an intriguing photo. Looks like embroidery almost, until you notice the hard surfaces.

    • Hello Alli, everything ok?
      Didn’t really say what it is; it’s a wall and with 20 hospitalrooms next to each other, all the walls broken at the same place, probably some copper pipes running thru all of em leaving these endless repetitive holes!
      Thanks for trying to figure it out 😉
      Greetings from KL, Ron.

  2. An interesting image. I would quite like to see closer shot of the centre – there are some ‘nice’ shapes and contrasting textures there.

    • Hola Louis, thanks for taking such a thorough look. I think I agree that some parts and orobably most times the whole picture is better watched big for its details!
      For me this is the max resolution for copyright reasons; i hate logos over photos so leaving it at this size is my best security against the wild west web 😉
      Greetings, Ron

    • Thank you, Indah, i thought it was intrigueing to align the first diagonal shadow with the one on the second wall to emphasize the repetition!
      Hope all is good, greetz, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Lisa!
      Fascinating and hard to explain why these rooms/ walls had exactly the same holes but worked for me 🙂
      Warm greetings, Ron.

    • Hello Della, thanks a lot! Maybe hard to see what´s in fornt of you, but isn´t that sometimes the key to take a better look? 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Thank you, Melinda! I hoped the black and white conversion and yin yang of contrasts would be right up your sleeve :-!
      Have a great day, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Ken! I had this archived for a long time til I decided for black & white and saw that worked for me 😉
      Hope you have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Hi Seonaid, it looked like it was going to be back but after some searching on the web I found the construction was already stopped 10 years ago cuz of finance problems; hopefully the people that needed it have another good hospital to go to…
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend, Ron.

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