War is Over

War is Over

  This was taken a couple of years ago in a ruined house in Belchite, a village destroyed by the Spanish Civil War. During the fierce Battle of Belchite (1937) in only 2 weeks time the whole village was left to ruins and dictator Franco ordered it to be left untouched as a reminder of the destructive powers of the Republicans.

When I lived in Zaragoza I spent many a sunrise and sunset here alone wandering these haunted streets and buildings, which left an enormous impression on me. In a way I was lucky to be able to walk in whenever I felt like it, because nowadays it seems you can only go in with a guide and you have to pay an entrance fee.
(Here are more of my photos from Belchite)

(1/60, F4.5, ISO800, 21mm)

63 thoughts on “War is Over

    • Danke schön, Sabine 😉
      I miss those Spanish golden sunrays, the light is so strong here in Kuala Lumpur!
      Have a good week, grusse, Ron.

    • Dank je wel en inderdaad is het een fantastische plek om te fotograferen, maar ook erg indrukwekkend om te zijn en proberen te bevatten wat mensen elkaar aan kunnen doen…
      Fijn weekend, Ron.

    • Thank you so much, Noelle, so great to hear you took a good look, there was a lot of rubbish making the magic happen 😉
      Have a great week, Ron.

  1. I think everyone has a magical place that contains a solitude a soul needs, and it seems you have found yours here. Very cool images of this place, with the lighting ~ very emotional.

    • Hi Randall, very well said and that´s one thing that takes some adjusting for me; there were so many beautiful magical places of desolacy around Spain compared to the chaos around Kuala Lumpur. Thanks very much for the compliment, really appreciate it!
      Greetings, Ron

    • Hi Shabnam, thats so kind of you to say, but i feel privileged you taking time out to look and read em!
      Hope you have a great week, all the best and thanks for your enthousiasm 😉
      Greetz, Ron

    • Wow, thats so great to hear, thank you very much, rrearick, very happy you enjoyed them!
      Hope I´ll keep it up 😉
      Have a great week, Ron.

  2. The colors are gorgeous, and the lighting and composition are wonderful (so sorry that the end result was because of war)

    • Thank you so much, Laurie! I totally agree with it being a shame this was because of a horrible war that was fought there, but hopefully people that get to see places like this are touched by it (like me) and take it with them in the way they treat and judge other humans!
      Hope you have a great week, Ron.

  3. Hi Ron ! … This is a great post with fantastic photos of a place with such sad and violent history …
    I think this war, were among other terrible things that were going on at that time … A practicing for Germany and Italy to make themselves ready for World war II …
    The bombing of Guernica in 1937 and the bombing of Barcelona 1938 …

    I have been reading that such a famous politicans as sir W Churchill refused to admit that there were no other European countries that were involved in the Spanish civil war …
    // Maria 🙂

    • Hello Maria, thanks at first for your compliment; good to hear he photo tells some of the (hi)story!
      So true about the involvement of other countries, also during the civil war just before WOII there was allready lots of interest and help from other countries on both sides! Like Meho said in his comment down here, there was much more at stake for foreign politics than they were willing to admit!
      Hope you have a great week and thanks again for your interest,

    • That´s very kind of you to say, Erin, thank you very much! It is an unbelievable history, great to hear some of that shined thru in my photo!
      Have a great weekend,

    • Thanks, Louis! Very unknown war to me before I left to Spain, but the effects and influence on the people made a huge impression on me…
      Have a good weekend, Ron.

  4. I thought that this was a fire at first as I scrolled down my e-mail. The light and shadow playing off one another and the complementary colours create such a dramatic effect. Somehow it fits with the history which I appreciate you sharing. It is good that these ruins are left as a reminder.

    • Hello, Jane, thanks for taking a better look! It´s always hard for me to imagine how these places looked before, but from all the vagued out colours it must have been bright! And I agree it is good that its there as a reminder now, but Franco´s reason was to scare the opposition and made the prisoners of war rebuilt their village next to it 😦
      Have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Hola Sandra, you should have asked me 😉
      No, definitely recommended, but there´s so much to choose from, me personnaly I´m mostly more impressed by empty, desolate places like this than the more touristic spots.
      Thanks for your enthousiasm, have a great weekend,

    • Thanks, Mark! Very sobering and impressive place to be; with this house being clowed down now I do feel a bit lucky I got this shot before…
      Have a good weekend, Ron.

    • Hello Donna, thats indeed the place where El Laberinto del Fauno starts, incredible movie by the way!
      Also way earlier Terry Gilliam made ´The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen´ there.
      Totally agree about Franco´s cruelties; as a foreigner I couldnt understand, even after many discussions, why lots of Spaniards still defend him…
      Thanks for stopping by and showing an interest!
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Definitely a dramatic place to be and shoot! In a way I was lucky because the last visit the house was boarded up for security reasons.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Luis!
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Thank you, Malin, it´s a very impressive place and history. Wandering around this ruined city before dawn left a huge mark on me in a good way I think…
      All the best to you, Ron.

  5. This « war » is not enough known. A collaboration between western country and the Nazi (one more). A proof that Nazi and Western countries wanted the same thing at the end. They wasn’t really ennemies…

    Good capture!

    • So true, I wasn´t taught anything in Dutch school about this war and it´s connection to WOII….
      It left such huge scars in Spain, proof is everywhere unfortunately!
      Thanks for compliment and taking a look, Meho
      Greetings, Ron.

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