Puppy Love

Puppy Love

(1/80, F4, ISO200, 13mm)

Nowadays Spain has the longest high speed train network of Europe called AVE (and second in the world behind China).
This AVE-train left the old slow trains and small train stations unneeded.

The photo above was taken in an abandoned waiting room of Embid de la Ribera which lies on the Zaragoza- Madrid high speed route.

50 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. Ha, I think my reaction is very different from the majority. Feels very Stephen King-y to me! What happened/will happen to that poor kid? WHAT’S IN THAT GREEN STUFF??!?

    • Hi Luddy, I totally understand your feeling it has this weird and scary feel to it, something about to happen or something just happend, bit Lynch too!
      Thanks for stopping by, amigo, hope you´re well and enjoying your sunday!
      Cheers, Ron.

  2. Lovely image 🙂 Spain will learn the same lessons that Britain has regarding closing lines – we’re now having to reopen quite a few because the demand is there again. It would have been cheaper to keep them open and modernise them.

    • Hi Martin, don´t think we´re talking about similarities with Britan, the Spanish railline is modernised and there is an amazing hispeed train network all over Spain and expanding fast; and these places they surpass now were mostly abandoned anyway!
      Thanks for compliment, have a great sunday,

      • My pleasure. Everything is well, thank you. The sun is shining, what more can one wish for? 🙂

        I hope you’re fine, my friend.

        • All´s great, Malin, thanks and actually I´m very happy with a grey cloudy day, some rain and a little bit of ´fresh´ wind here 😉
          Hope you´re having a great weekend!

    • Thanks a lot, Candace, i was so intrigued by this little boy and puppy and why they were half-burned!
      Warm greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Stevie, actually went back (climbing over rubbish and thru bushes, cuz my first attempt was dissappointing 😉
      Cheers, Ron.

    • Hi Judith, my imagination was going wild after finding this one as well 😉
      don´t totally understand what you mean with top photo as there´s only one?
      Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Winnie, i myself was very intrigued by the picture and how much of it was burned and the circle it made on the wall (by the wind?) and always a fan of peeled away paint 😉
      thanks for stopping by and enjoying this one, all the best from Malaysia!

    • Thank you very much, Cybele, i was very intrigued how photogenic this couple was I even went back for this, cuz I wasnt happy with my first attempt 😉
      All the best to you, greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks! I thought it was after finding this, seen lots of things in my explorations but this one stood out in surrealism for sure 😉
      Greetz, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, I was happy with the peeling paint to add to the composition and colors, i thought 😉
      Have a great week, Lisa!
      Greetings, Ron

    • Thanks very much, Louis! I had the time here, cuz the puppy and its owner weren´t going anywhere 😉
      All the best ot you, cheers, Ron.

    • Thanks a lot, Leïla, i thought it was a little creepy there was just enough left of the puppy to be in the picture and look back at us 😉
      Have a great week, Ron

    • Thank you, Jane, I was very happy finding this photographywise, but dont have a clue why it got partly burned and what the connection would have been with the ones haning it there; but definitely leaves lots of room for my imagination 😉
      Greetz, Ron.

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