Sun Gonna Shine in my Back Door Someday

Sun Gonna Shine in my Back Door Someday 2

(1/100, F3.5, ISO200, 18mm)

This photo was taken in an old decaying house in the village of Embid de la Ribera, which lies in the valley of the rio Jalón an hour Southwest of Zaragoza.

This was always one of my favorite road trips when living in Zaragoza following the river Jalón through rugged canyons along abandoned villages, vineyards, fruitful gardens and beautiful landscapes with the vultures circulating high above me.

86 thoughts on “Sun Gonna Shine in my Back Door Someday

  1. I would like to see your photos of vultures too. This is a beautiful photo of decay – has your signature all over 🙂 I hope that life is treating you well, Ron and that you are busy travelling and taking great photos.

    • Hola Paula, thanks for stopping by, how was your holiday?
      Just back from a month in Europe, great fun, little shooting, but some are nice, i think!
      Please give me some info on the guest challenge you want me to do? the sooner the more time i have to prepare 😉
      Have a great weekend

      • Hello Ron, just when I thought I would never hear from you again ;). You can see the list of challenges on the Scheduled Challenges page. According to our earlier talk, I thought you would do a challenge in colour, the last Thursday in July. You pick the theme i.e. you are the one that has to come up with the theme and tell me. How does that sound? You can find my email on my blog next to copyright notice and get in touch when you are ready. It would be a great honour to have you as a guest. I’m glad you had a lovely time in Europe 🙂

  2. Just discovered your site after you liked my recent post (thanks!). You have some stunning photos of the Spanish landscape. Having been in some of these locations, it strikes me that you have managed to capture not just the physical characteristics but also something of what it can feel like to stand and walk in these places. Great work. All the best

  3. An absolutely beautiful photo. The reflected light from the outside makes the whole space come alive – and then you have a stream of direct sunshine that adds a delightful touch to it all.

    • Hi Meg, that´s why the door is always open; to let the ghost come in and out when they desire 😉
      Thank you very much for stopping by and your enthousiasm always!
      Warmg reetings from KL,

    • Thank you very much, Rebecca, thats great to hear, cuz that golden glow is the main subject here I think 😉
      Hope all is great, greetings from Malaysia,

    • Hi Nina, thats great to hear, thats part of what I love about these places and definitely the feeling I hoped to bring across thru my photos.
      I´m always amazed by the amount of paint that´s still on the walls after approximately 40 years, guess the dry and hot climate does keep it pretty good; unfortunately the smell of guano from the bats on the floor was a big give-away that it indeed was abandoned 😉
      Greetings from KL, Ron.

  4. Enjoy the warmth and texture of the photo and the video. Though vultures are not pretty , to see one soaring in the thermal air currents is a beauty to behold.

    • Hello Jane, thanks for showing an interest and the compliment on the photo!
      I agree that vultures get a bad rap, but they are definitely beautiful in the way they glide thru the sky; I saw a bbc documentary about vultures where they try to find the beauty in the beast, very impressive i thought. I do think Lammergeiers or Bearded vultures are easier to like and maybe more ´beautiful´, cuz they dont have the naked neck 😉
      Hope all is great, greetings from KL,

    • Hi Lisa, mine too, oh how I wish I was able to go round Spain and do much much more of these 😉
      Thank you for your never-ending enthousiasm, really thankful for that!
      hope you´ll have a great weekend,

    • Hello Lynne, that always fascinates me with these places too: the lifes that were lived here!
      Thanks for your interest, hope you´re having a great weekend.
      Greetings, Ron

    • Thank you very much, Priya, such a pleasure to hear your enthousiasm, very much appreciated!
      hope all is great, have a good weekend!

    • Gracias, Angeline!
      I miss the Spanish light very much, cuz here in Kuala Lumpur the light is so harsh, even just after sunset it´s immediately too bright to catch light as in this photo!
      Thanks so much for your supporting enthousiasm,

    • Hello Bente, thank you for stopping by!
      It´s always so nice to spend some time in these places to see and feel and look for the best light and composition, that´s why I like my subject not moving, well cannot keep the sun in its place, but that´s all 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron

    • Thanks a lot, Patti, thats very nicely said of you. The fantasy that comes with entering these places makes it such an interesting experience to see and take the time what will be the most telling story for a photograph!
      Thanks for your support and have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Thank you, CK, the further back my Spanish adventure is, the more I appreciate the warm light and golden glow the sun gave to everything!
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

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