Street art from Danjer in the streets of Zaragoza, Spain.

(1/200, F6.3, ISO200, 17mm)

Walking the streets of Zaragoza you cannot help but notice so much amazing street art everywhere, mostly thanks to the great street art festival Asalto, who runs its ninth edition this year.

Apart from all those commisioned street art-pieces Zaragoza is brightened up by lots of work from local tattoo and graffiti artist Danjer.

This one is particalurly dear to me as it was around the corner from our house.


43 thoughts on “Laid-back

  1. Love your graffiti pictures. Street art in Johannesburg is also quite big and every year they have an Inner City Festival where local as well as international artists paint new graffiti! its amazing. I have some pics on my blog if you would like to see.

    • Very much loved this neighbourhood in Zaragoza, it used to be pretty bad a decennium back being filled with poor gypsy people, but now its much better and the atmosphere was amazing, always music in the squares at night, people chatting, kids payin til late, unforgettabel to have lived there…
      Thanks so much for stopping by, Kutu, hope all is great in your part of the world?!
      Greetz, Ron.

    • Hi Paula,

      I think he has a very nice distinct style, but my favorite will be El Niño de las Pinturas and now I found a new guy doing lots of stuff over Malaysia called Ernest Zaharevich, will post some stuff later from the latter 😉
      Hope you´re hanging in there, holiday´s coming closer…

    • Thank you, Randall, luckily in Spain you don´t have to wait for the sun to shine and brighten up the photo 😉
      Havee a great weekend, Ron

    • Thank you very much, Patti, never got to experience the festival first hand, but as I was living there got to see all the pieces around the city afterwards; definitely brightening up the old city center which is pretty to start with…
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • I love them too, when done well, this one brightened up the relatively poor neighbourhood so much; and like I replied to others: it´s part of a project to make the empty lots in between houses into places for the people living around it to enjoy and they ask street-artists to make these commisioned art to make them even more lively, great project!
      All the best to you and thanks for always having a peek here,

  2. I like the angle that you took in the main photo-the work is good but so is the design on the ground. I looked at the slides and found myself reacting to them, i.e. the woman with the pierced breast-what’s THAT about? and I question the words on some. My favourite photo in the slideshow is the montage of tattoos.Nice detailing on the work but it tells me you better think about the art that you put on your body-not my thing, but I always admire good technique..

    • Hello Jane, the design on the ground is part of a kid´s playground which is a project all over Zaragoza to fill empty lots that looked ugly before and asked these artists to bring even more color to it…
      His work is all over Zaragoza and reminds me very much of wandering those streets, didnt see all the sldies but he has some extreme tattoo work as well – totally agree with you about tattoos, but it seems pretty ´normal´ by now, so many people have em, seems like it all turned around. It used to be bad-ass to have em now its more exceptional to not have one 😉
      But they look great (on others) sometimes….
      Have a great week and thanks so much for your interest,

    • Thank YOU, Leïla, although it was a little detour from our apartment (appr. 50meters 😉 it was worth it!
      Have a great weekend, greetings, Ron.

  3. Maybe we’ll have to grab our cameras and head down to the Klang River to photograph some of the graffiti there 🙂
    Nice tie in between foreground and background in this photo.

    • Hello Bjorn, sounds like a great idea to me, would be nice to meet up, maybe next week or after World cup (nights and days are turned upside down nowadays!). Seems like you enjoy your new environment?
      Thanks for compliment, I wanted to add a little myself to the art already there 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron

    • Thanks very much, Louis, nice to hear the little extra in composition made it a bit mroe than just the street art 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Hi Amresh, thanks for stopping by!
      So agree with you this brightens up walls like these and whole cities 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Hello Robert, totally agree with you and no ´tagging´ as I call it, but most Spanish cities I´ve seen are full of real pieces of art!
      Especially with so many empty lots around in Spain nowadays with the crisis it definitely lightens up these spaces.
      Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by,
      Greetings, Ron

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