Behind the Mask

 These photos were taken in the same row of abandoned shophouses
in Kampung Kepayang where I took the similar Pulling Tea photo.

As I myself like the texture in these walls I thought maybe throw in another smaller crop for more detail!

PS. For full size and better sharpness you can click lower right in the gallery.

(both 1/160, F4, ISO200, 17mm)

19 thoughts on “Behind the Mask

    • Hi Cybele, thanks for stopping by; i think it´s some sort of mask for construction work, but could also be against the haze, which is more prominent here than i wished 😉
      Greetings from KL, Ron.

  1. The pictures are great, unfortunately I have not (yet 🙂 ) been in kampung kepayang.
    I notice from a little crack in the wall the Laundry Blue(nila) , an addition to make the whitewash more brilliant that then with time layered out on the back against the wall (also used in the old days for schools uniforms) , it seems that that quest for white brilliance has long gone now from the walls…life in the tropics, that too.

    • Hi Tania, thanks for stopping by!
      This kampung is not much anymore, but I like the whole area around Ipoh with its tin mining history and beautiful limestone hills!
      Never heard about that Laundry blue, but you see it in lots of crumbling places, thanks for the info.
      Hope you´re still enjoying life in Malaysia, where do you live currently?
      Greetings, Ron

    • Hi Lisa, thanks very much and so sorry for late reply, been busy with nice things, mostly travel 😉
      Hope all is great with you, greetings from Malaysia!

  2. Great shots… Interesting, I really liked the second one (the way you framed the mask), but then the first shot really is great because of the wide perspective.

    • Hi Randall and thanks for your comments; couldnt choose between the two of em, but if the first was printed big enough to see all the textured details, i think the second isnt necessary 😉
      Hope all is well, greetz from Malaysia,

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