Deer Cave & the Butterfly

Deer Cave

(1/13, F4, ISO1600, 10mm)

 This is Deer cave. Actually a little overhang with a (hiding) butterfly and in the back (half of) the biggest cave passage in the world, at least until 2009 when Hang Son Doong, or “Mountain River Cave,” was found in a remote part of Vietnam.

After an hour hike through the primary rainforest of Mulu National Park in the middle of Malaysian Borneo we arrived at the biggest cave entrance I´ve ever seen.

The magnitude of the cave passage was unbelievable and because of its height of around 150m and width of 90m it is a safe haven for over 3 million bats of 3o different species whom swarm out at dusk in beautiful circling ribbons (see a video here) to avoid predators like hawks.

I hope to publish a photo of the immensity of this cave passage soon…

33 thoughts on “Deer Cave & the Butterfly

  1. This something that you see once in a lifetime or my case in national geographic magazine. Your being there and taking this picture must of been mind blowing. Now for as the way you shot my hat goes off to you. It’s beautiful, the color and texture. It’s the kind of image that you want to come close and touch it’s so real. Great stuff ,it’s a keeper

    • oops, totally not responded too some comments here, sorry, hope all is well and thanks for comment and wishes, i guess it was a good one 😉
      Warm greetings from KL,

  2. I expect cave photography would be quite a challenge. Will that take lots of special lighting equipment? I’m guessing in this image that daylight is entering from the right? And the butterfly is not at all the same, a flashlight?

    • Hello Dave, thanks for stopping by and showing an interest!
      The light on the background was indeed coming from the right from the huge entrance and the rock was lightened by a lamp, the butterfly was just sitting there by coincidence 😉
      I didnt use anything but my handheld SLR, you can see I had a steady-hand day with 1/13, but had to use iso1600 to get something decently lit out of it!
      This cave was a bit of an exception I think because of the huge entrance bringing in enough light to make this possible.
      Thanks and hopefully i was clear, have a great weekend,

    • Dank je, Della, hier is het vooral jammer dat je niet groot genoeg kan zien, want de contradictie tussen die kleine fraaie vlinder en die immense grot was grappig contrast 😉
      Fijne week,

    • The bat exodus was really one of nature´s wonder, impossible to photograph interestingly, but amazing to witness!
      Thanks for showing such interest, Cardinal, hope you have a great week!

    • Thanks a lot, Amy, it was so immense, seen some caves, but this not by coincidence labelled the biggest cave entrance in the world!
      I thought the butterfly in its tiny beauty and then the huge beauty of the cave was a nice combination 😉
      Have a great week,

    • Hola Alli, so true, thanks for making the exception here 😉
      I have the same, also with the word awesome, which a musician I loved made fun of on stage and since I tried to avoid it!
      It was so hard to capture the immensity of this cave but with the tiny butterfly and walkway in the back I thought you get an idea of the size, although it´s always better to see this big, I suppose!
      Hope all is great, saludos

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