Acid Forest

Purple Rain

(1/125, F5, ISO400, 17mm)

 In a burned-out house in Kapar (Malaysia) I found this melted paint on the wall.
It reminded me of the artwork for Radiohead´s album The King of Limbs.

The artist who is responsible for Radioheads art and the colorful forest paintings this wall made me think of
is Stanley Donwood.

44 thoughts on “Acid Forest

    • Hi Amy, thank you very much, a painting by one of mother´s nature cruelest elements but also an artist: fire 😉
      Hope all sigreat, greetings,

    • Thank you, John, well I drove past it in the morning, but as I really like decay, patina, textures and all I knew I had to go back here and find me some 😉
      Greetings from Malaysia,

    • Thanks, Stevie, it was like walking into a free art gallery 😉
      That reminds me I have to look for the rest of the stuff that was on display there.
      Have a great week,

    • Thanks very much, Lisa! I´m very flattered with your continuous interest, thanks for that, I love your photos as well, hope you´re doing ok over on the other side of the globe.

    • Hello Angeline and thanks very much, it was a nice find and it was everywhere, really felt like i was at a gallery or museum watching an exposition 😉
      But weird knowing that it was once a house or shop or both and people used it, couldnt find any record about the fire, but hopefully nobody was hurt.
      Hope all iswell with you, greetings,

  1. Great! At first I thought at this Album too and it reminds me of the Music Video ‘There There’ from Radioheads Hail to the Thief. And then I read the same by you.
    Btw great artwork and great photo!

    • Hi autopict, especially the news-edition of with more art by Stanley Donwood reminded me of this, but guess he did all their artwork for a long time already!
      It´s just a burnt painted wall, but some artists would love to have made this, I assume!
      Thanks for stopping by and taking a thorough look,
      greetings, Ron.

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