Dawn of the Planet of the Great Apes

 The day before we got lucky and saw Orangutans in the wild (and I do have a photo from that soon!) I wanted to find these pieces of street art by Ernest Zacharevic, a young Lithuania-born artist who transformed many empty spaces in Malaysia.

These were made in the streets of Kuching, a coastal city in the Malysian part of Borneo.

( 1/100 & 1/125, F6.3, ISO200, 17mm)

36 thoughts on “Dawn of the Planet of the Great Apes

  1. You know when you find something like that, that’s what makes the hunt worthwhile. This the kind of thing that gets your blood rushing. Theres nothing like art in the raw. Great stuff. It’s a keeper

  2. Love these. I’m following your blog, but never saw these or several others. Will need to go exploring, I think. These are wonderful. Curiously, though, I am more in love with the rusting pipes and peeling paint than the chimps. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  3. These murals are amusing 🙂 I bet you felt more in your element here. I am still recovering from my trip so this is just a short visit. Hope you are fine Ron.

    • Hello there, no, this was Kuching and we went to Semengoh day after and were lucky to see them for real as it was fruit season and normally they´ll be far into the jungle then 😉
      Hope everything is ok with you, greetings,

    • Oh yeah, I totally agree with you, so many places have been colorised or artified by incredible street art; luckily it seems the appreciation around the world is growing 😉
      Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by, Maya.

    • Hi Margaret, isnt the rust beautiful? And goes great with the Orangutan´s colors?
      He chooses such perfect textured walls to interact with his art, like it a lot!
      Hope you´ll have a great weekend,

    • Hi Dina, I hope you´re talking bout me? Just kidding!
      His stuff is incredible, i love the interaction, lots of places in Malaysia have been touched by his art!
      Have a great weekend,

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