An Ode to the People of Myanmar

People of Myanmar I

(1/320, F5.6, ISO200, 154mm)

 The last month of absence in the blogosphere was spent traveling Cambodia and Myanmar. Both were amazing experiences, but I have to admit the spontaneity, enthusiasm and hospitality of the people of Myanmar stole my heart.

Combine that with Myanmar´s amazing scenery, hardly any tourism and therefor some amazing sights only to be shared with locals and monks.

People of Myanmar II

(1/320, F5.6, ISO200, 154mm)

When traveling on the bouncing train from old capital Yangon to Bago we made one stop to buy watermelon, samosas and other food from the people on the tracks.

This was another opportunity to expand my horizons by photographing some of the faces of Myanmar.

Thanks for making me and my friend feel so welcome!

44 thoughts on “An Ode to the People of Myanmar

  1. Beautiful ~ there are not two other countries where I’d rather be seeing history (both the beautiful distant past and the sad recent path) and living within a culture that has such a great handle on current simplicity and happiness. Great photos!

  2. I’ve had two friends to visit Myanmar and came away with similar thoughts and feelings. So glad you hd such a wonderful experience.
    The images reflect your feelings

    • I didnt meet anybody on my travels around here that didnt fall in love with Myanmar and its people; still a place where going off the beaten track is very worthwile.
      Have a great holiday season and end of 2014!
      Greetings, Ron

  3. I just recently read an article about Myanmar in a travel magazine recently and a lot of it talked about the different temples and shrines scattered throughout the country. It also mentioned the lack of tourism too. One of these days I’ll make it to Asia! Nice to see some people for a change in your pictures.

    • The whole country is covered with golden pagodas coming out of the fields and forests and standing on top of all hills, very mystical, and monks everywhere.
      I didnt visit the most famous places (Bagan & Inle lake), but heard that these are already starting to overflow with tourists; unbelievable how fast it goes, but the area i visited was almost empty and spent great times with locals in amazing places!
      Thanks, Amelie, couldnt resist these faces on the trainstop 😉
      Have a great weekend

    • Thank you very much, Judith! I´m not sure, these were probably men on their way to work, and I guess the photos of the pretty smiling kids and portraits of monks are more common?
      Hope all is well, greetings,

    • Thanks a lot, Margaret, glad to hear you enjoy these too!
      Your support is and has always been so encouraging, thank you for that.
      Hope all is great,

    • Thats very kind of you to say, Amy, glad they came out right and thinking of the recent history of this country these men definitely have something to tell!
      Thanks for the compliment, really very encouraging, all the ebst to you,

    • Thank you very much, Angeline! It was absolutely amazing, because of the friendly, hospitable people and the feeling you were really exploring unvisited places!
      Hope all is great, greetings,

    • Gracias, Cardinal, not much more portraits i´m afraid, lots of other stuff from Myanmar and maybe a little Cambodia (only brought small compact there for memories, but not liking those too much 😉
      Have a good week,

    • Compared to what I´ve seen from Thailand, it´s uncomparable to Myanmar, because most of Thailand has heavy tourist traffic and that definitely changed the people that have to deal with the,. Myanmar was hardly visited, especially the places where I went. Must say the week before I was in Cambodia and that felt already like yuo could get closer to the locals and it looked like they enjoyed the tourists and lived together with them happily!
      Just personal observations ofcourse, like all travel 😉
      Hope all is great with you, thanks for stopping by, Noelle!

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