Too Many Buddhas

Too Many Buddhas

(1/60, F3.5, ISO400, 10mm)

 Near the town of Hpa-an in Myanmar are some steep karst mountains rising from the rice fields.
Apart from the many pagodas and monasteries that stand on top of these mountains, they also contain many caves.

Many of these caves are turned into religious sites, like almost any geological location that stands out in Myanmar.
This is the Kawgun cave, eight miles south of Hpa-an, with its numerous carved buddhas and statues
that date back to the 7th century.

30 thoughts on “Too Many Buddhas

    • Thank you, Adrian, very fascinating country to visit; one of the oldest buddhist countries in the world and so untraveled compared ot others in SE Asia!
      Warm greetz from KL, Ron (thought you might need it in cold winter there 😉

    • Thank you for taking the time to have a good look, Judith!
      The idea was to make an abstract but if you look at the closest part you could still figure out a little buddha!
      But its definitely an abstract view of it 😉
      Hope your 2015 started well, all the best, Ron.

  1. Would have had absolutely no idea what this was without your explanation. In spite of that, I love it for the composition and colors. It’s quite an artistic photo. But then I’ve come to expect that from you!

  2. At first sight I thought it was some sort of abstract, but I can see buddhas now. I hope you did not put your life at risk to capture these? (again I recognise your signature tones 🙂 )

    • Sorry, always read all the comments, but sometimes so late in answering, but I guess I made an abstract of it; I only had to walk into the cave and didnt do anything too dangerous to get this 😉
      Cheers, my friend

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