A Time of Reflection

A Time of Reflection

(1/800, F4.5, ISO200, 17mm)

 This time of year always comes with thoughts about how you spent the passing year and what will you do in the new one.
I´ve been very fortunate in 2014 to have been able to see so many new beautiful countries and places and meeting so many interesting people, that I can only think about the fact that if next year is gonna be anything like it, I will be happy as ever.

Only thing I can think of and I tried to start it up last month before my travels interrupted it, is to start exploring what the possibilities are to set up a real photo-business and website.

But as my friends and I always say when we raise another glass ´To better times!´.
If it is good it can always get better but when it´s not so good it will hopefully get better.

So thanks everyone of you that took the time to see, comment and support my photos.
Enjoy your holidays and best to all of you for 2015!

To better times!
(especially dedicated to those that need it)

89 thoughts on “A Time of Reflection

  1. Awesome shot! I especially like how you were able to convey the smooth texture of the water on the ground and the ridges of the metal sheet in this picture. Nice lighting as well!

  2. Hello there, Ron! Have to say first, hope 2015 has been good to you so far, but truly – this image is so beautiful, crisp, clean and full of detail. Love it! On another note, I recently created a new site and blog at: http://www.lauriemerritt.photography/blog/. If/when you get a chance, I’d love to hear from you if for no other reason than to reconnect. I was “off the grid” for a couple of months to complete this project. Anyway, now I’m headed back to your posts… All the best!

    • Hi Patti, talking about being behind, sometimes I am so bad in answering comments that I really appreciate, sorry for that, trying to improve 😉
      Hope I´ll catch up and you´re doing well,
      Greetings, Ron

  3. That’s a beautiful heartfelt wish, Ron, and may things only go for the better for you! Beautifully capture reflection with some candid models.

    • Hola Paula, ofcourse if I havent officially i wish you all the best and good health for 2015 as well!
      Thanks for being around and was hard with the language barriers to get these models to do what I wanted 😉
      Have a great week

    • Thats so kind of you to say and notice, Sally 😉
      It was such a chaotic busy sight at the docks, everybody was carrying or doing something, i wanted a bit of that feel in here, and couldnt resist the reflection ofcourse!
      Greetings, Ron

  4. Mooie plaat Ron! De beste wensen voor 2015 en veel plezier met de afwegingen en acties om ‘pro’ te worden. Volgens mij ben je dat al in je kwaliteit, alleen is dat dan je baan 🙂

    • Thats very kind of you to say, Oloriel! Just see what will happen, I´m very fortunate not feeling any pressure in pursuing this 😉
      All the best for 2015 to you and your poems,

    • Thanks, amigo, na een rijtje Myanmar-pilseners en paar uurkes lekker van ons afkieken, kon ik deze 10 minuten prachtlicht niet laten schieten, terwijl onze vrind ff een stokkie bbq-kip bij een stalletje verorberde 😉

    • Cheers to you, Carlos! Did do some trial-version back in November on photoshelter, but some travels got in the way of pushing it through 😉
      Now I´m in the slow process of preparing to do it again!
      All the best to you,

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