Smaller and Smaller

Dirgayahu guitarist

(1/30, F2.8, ISO125, 26mm)

 During recent travels when hopping on small boats, rickshaws, buses and taxis around Southeast Asia, I became more and more aware that for some travels where photography wasn´t the main focus, it would be very handy to have a small camera.

After a lot of research and testing it was obvious that the third version of the Sony RX100 was the best option for me. Although more expensive than some SLR´s, all other compacts fell short in size, quality or possibilities (for manual control).

After the price came down in Malaysia I went for it and been trying it out for over a week now.

Last Saturday was a perfect time to test its handling of low light situations at a gig here in Kuala Lumpur and I must say I am very impressed; it feels very easy, and therefor fast, to adjust aperture and diaphragm with its two rings and all other settings (e.g. ISO, focus and metering mode) are just a button away.

Rock on

(1/100, F4, ISO400, 12mm)

The clarity, sharpness, easy handling and lack of noise (at higher iso) makes this a true winner in my book, although it can never replace my big SLR, but that was never the plan.

This last photo shows the beginning of noise when I put it at iso640, but still very well controlled!

(1/100, F4, ISO400, 12mm)

Although I was busy testing my camera I did enjoy the live concerts from Dirgahayu (first photo) and Reset to Zilch (last two photos) very much…

33 thoughts on “Smaller and Smaller

  1. Amazing pics! I see you have the Sony RX 100 III – we have the first one. My husband is more the technical person and spends hours reading up on gadgets. He bought the Sony for our Buenos Aires trip 2 1/2 years ago because everyone kept saying not to take our SLR. We regretted not taking our big camera (Nikon D800) but we were also happy we didn’t have to deal with extra lenses and weight. Love the Sony. We are always very impressed with it especially in low light situations. It’s also come in handy for underwater pics.

    • Well, after more than a year ;( sorry, I can say for small travels or travels that are more about the experience than the photography it has done pretty well the last year!
      Thanks for your support, Fatima

    • Hope you got around to shoointg with it a lot, Jane, thanks for the compliment and sorry I only came around to reply in over a year!
      hope youre doing well, greetings, Ron

    • Thank you, Angeline, I´m embarrassed that it took me more than a year to reply, sorry, but the good news is now there´s already a newer version of this Sony if you didnt go for it or something else yet?
      Greetings, Ron

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