Behind These Eyes

Eyes of Semana Santa uno

(1/125, F5.6, ISO200, 220mm)

 When I posted my new avatar and old photo of an eye that peaked thru the pointy hat during the Easter procession in Zaragoza, befriended blogger Ashley suggested to go back to that time when I posted more of these ´portraits´.

It has been almost 3 years since I blogged about it and most followers may never have seen them, so I decided to pick my 3 other favorites.

Eyes of Semana Santa dos

(1/200, F5.6, ISO800, 250mm)

Also because I´m more busy nowadays with photographing, traveling, preparing travels etc, etc…and I don´t do a lot of archiving and postprocessing (did refurbish these just a tiny bit!), it would be a convenient way to show I´m still around (somewhere).

Eyes of Semana Santa tres

(1/160, F5.6, ISO200, 250mm)

Thanks for your memory and idea, Ashley!

54 thoughts on “Behind These Eyes

  1. Alas, a certain subset of American life, that the rest of us try so hard to ignore, have appropriated the shape of this lovely celebration of Easter regalia and so my mind always goes there until I realize this is a different culture (that came first!) and is truly a marvelous celebration. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi dunelight, I must admit the white colored ropes reminded me of the American usage of those, very frightening in a way, but a good lesson to me of the origin!
      It was such an impressive parade to see them going thru the small alleys of Zaragoza with the resonating drums!
      Thanks for dropping by, have a great day,

  2. Thanks for liking my recent post. These are great photos! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work, Ron

    • Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by! It was so impressive to witness and they come with their banging drums resonating in the small medieval alleys, unforgettable!
      Hope all is great, greetings from kl, Ron.

  3. These are great! My husband was so taken by the Capuchinos parade during the Granada Easter celebrations that he enlarged and framed one of them, also red, and it is still hanging on our wall, 9 years later!!! Great photos!

    • Hello Fatima, oh I can understand that totally, so intriguing and also intimidating to see them with their drums parading slowly through the cobblestoned streets, very surreal! Thanks for enjoying mine too, hope you´re well, greetz, Ron.

    • Hello Louis, thats great to hear, these are left untouched and were good enough now as they were back then for me (too)
      Thanks for dropping by and taking another look at them!
      Greetings from KL,

    • Hi Noeline, i thought it made a nice series, but with those hats it´s definitely a little bit scary and mysterious; who is the person in there, what does he look like, etc..
      Thanks so much for dropping by, greetings, Ron.

    • Definitely scary, Herbert!, You have to imagine them slowly parading thru these small medieval Spanish streets with the accompanying drums resonating thru the city, impressive stuff 😉
      Thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend,

    • Thanks, Nelson! That was my idea, this was the second time I experienced this Easter week of processions and I was intrigued the first time by all these people behind the masks that I decided to make this theme the second time I watched it!
      Have a great weekend, greetz, Ron.

    • Hola Harrie, dank je, dit was een bizondere ervaring en voor mezelf brengen deze foto´s me ook terug naar my beloved time in Zaragoza 😉
      Goed weekend, groet, Ron

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful portraits! And thanks to Ashley for bringing it up so we can see your lovely work, Ron!

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