Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

(1/80, F5, ISO1600, 10mm)

This is the only remaining tunnel that leads to the Sultan´s mosque from my previous post.

During the mid-18th century, the Sultan of Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia), began work on the Taman Sari complex. Comprised of lavish gardens and pools, it also featured a bizarre man-made sea, connected beneath the ground with underwater tunnels and small island buildings.
One of these island structures was used as a mosque, and was only accessible by underwater passage.

37 thoughts on “Tunnel Vision

    • Oh, thats so kind of you, thanks, sorry for late reply, seems like a long time ago, but I thought this place was so beautiful, hope all is great with you,
      greetings, Ron

    • Hi Paula, how are you? Yep, all great here, travelling (Cambodia twice, Vietnam, around Malaysia) and all, photographing a lot, but not much time behind the computer to archive or blog yet 😉 Hope you are doing well, summer arriving in Europe already?

  1. Another fine shot from you!
    I like your photos (I think you already know that 🙂 ) – and I hope it’s ok, that I’ve put you in my blogroll?!

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