Bright City Lights

Sunset view over KL

(1/50, F6.3, ISO400, 55mm)

 It has been a long time and several travels thru Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, but everytime I return home to KL the views from our balconies over the city and its surrounding jungle mountains never stops to amaze me.

Rainbows over KL

(1/100, F4, ISO400, 55mm)

From sunny in the morning til heavy storm clouds and rolling thunder in the afternoon, most times the sun appears just before it sets to give the sky its colors. I just wanted to share these photos before I return to sharing the photos from my travels soon…

45 thoughts on “Bright City Lights

  1. Amazing and almost magic and beautiful photos! I’ll look forward to see your coming photos from your travel over there. I was in Jordan recently – and have just started showing some photos from there……. 🙂

    • Thanks a lot, Truels, the sights over KL with the extreme weather conditions here are so incredible! Oh, Jordan, been there long time ago, amazing people and scenery, gonna have a look what you made!
      All the best, Ron

    • A belated thank you very much, Ray, the weather sometimes here makes amazing views, lately the city has unfortunately been caught in a bad haze from Indonesian forest fires 😦
      Hoper all is well, greetings,

    • Hi Carlos, thanks for stopping by, been away for a while, but definitely more coming and I think I made around 1000 photos from the city views from our balcony last couple of years, such amazing skies and light sometimes 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron

      • Ron!! So good to hear from you!! Looking forward to seeing your images (as always)! Hope you are feeling well!! Lots happening for us…youngest daughter was married last weekend (3 out of 4 now), church and life is also busy but grateful for it all. Take care!

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