The Weaving Song

Weave on

(1/60, F5, ISO1600, 116mm)

During the last 2 weeks we´ve been traveling trough the Northern parts of Laos and every village we visited the women were engaged in weaving their tribal textiles. While in Luang Prabang we made a visit to the Ock Pok Tok living crafts centre, where some of the best weaving ladies from all around Laos are gathered to make some amazing art.

The Weaving Song

(1/160, F5, ISO1600, 123mm)

It was intriguing to see the whole process and especially to see these women showing their talented skills.

The Weaving Song II

(1/60, F5, ISO1600, 60mm)

Besides enjoying this craft centre, traveling in (the Northern half of) Laos was one jaw-dropping accumulation of dramatic sceneries, rivers, valleys and beautiful people; a definite must go if you ever get the chance!

66 thoughts on “The Weaving Song

  1. Wow! I do a bit of weaving myself. What those people create shows such an amazing level of talent, skill and experience!

    • Oh yeah, totally agree, got an explanation how things are done, but the way they do it, the speed and craft(wo)manship is unbelievable to say the least!
      Thanks for stopping by, greetings,

    • Thanks very much, Jon, it was such an interesting way to look at them and I only took photos when they hadnt notice me yet, which I think makes them more natural! Thanks for stopping by, greetings from KL,

    • Oh , that´s nice to here, Noeline! They tried to explain the idea and the way the patterns work, but wow, it is magic, and these ladies seem to be the best of their tribal villages, glad to here most of the money goes to them in the end!
      Hope you´re doing well, greetings,

    • Wow, thats very nice and beautifully said, Sally, thanks a lot! I was never a real portrait photographer, as you see here on my blog, but the people in Asia tell so much with their faces full of life and living!
      Have a beautiful 2016!
      Greetings from KL, Ron

    • Thank you, Truels, while doing the tour and seeing these weavers and their colorful threads and faces I hoped the idea would work 😉
      Happy new year to you and your loved ones,
      greetings, Ron

    • Thanks so much, Katherine, I hope to be original, so it´s good to hear you haven´t seen something like this before 😉
      Hope you´ll have a great 2016, greetings from KL,

    • Hi Faitma, thanks for stopping by, these women are from all different tribes around Laos and make these to sell to tourists, but apart from that the women in the hilltribes still weave all their clothes and everything for daily use.
      Have a great 2016,

    • Wow, thats very cool to hear, Michel, thanks. It´s always difficult when you´re trapped in your own artistic bubble to see clearly if you´re improving 😉
      Good to hear these work for you, have a creative 2016!
      Greetings from KL, Ron

    • Hi Margaret, thanks and hope she likes them, it was so interesting to see all the women, wherever we went in Laos, busy with weaving, most for daily use.
      Hope you´ll have a great 2016,
      Greetings, Ron

    • Hi Louis, and happy 2016 to you, I think I agree, although I do like the mystique of having to look a little bit harder to see their face as well!
      Greetings from KL, Ron

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