I revisited these photos and turned them into monochrome to add to Paula´s blog Black and White Sunday with the subject negative space!

These photos were taken in an abandoned sanatorium in the Sierra de Guadarrama just north of Madrid.
These photos are best viewed with a black background to make the negative space (black parts) disappear and make them entrances into nowhere…
So please click the photos to see the best effect of the negative space!

Here are the original (more) color versions!

(both 1/25, F5.6, ISO400, 10mm)

67 thoughts on “Chiaroscuro

    • Thanks very much, Alexandra, the hardest part was getting in the building, stepping thru bushes of snow a meter deep 😉
      All the best from Malaysia, Ron.

  1. I like both sets. Both epitomise for me just why I like your photos so much. They establish a mood and a sense of place. Your warm atmospheric colours add to this, but equally the mono versions if anything add to the texture, and the timeless feel of the shots. I’ll have ’em all!

  2. The warm complimentary colours of the original are very appealing and make for great photos. These mono versions have more drama and the eye is drawn more to the shapes and textures.
    Which is best? Maybe in the end it comes down to what you want to present and/or personal choice – for me, it’s the mono versions 🙂

    • Hi Noeline, almost 2 months to reply, weak excuse is I was away for 3 weeks 😉 think i agree with the mono making composition and the negative space even stronger, I´m just such a fan of golden sunlight! Thanks so much for your support always, big hug from KL,

    • Hi Patti, thanks for taking a look at em, agree that they have a different feel to them, I do think these monochomes make the snow on the step a little more obvious, although I guess no one expects it to be snow and therefor don´t recognize 😉
      Have a great weekend,

  3. I think I like the B/W version better on this, but the color is nice too. Which to use is a quandary I’ve been having lately – see Cape Crusaders (Part 2). BTW, thanks for stopping by my site, otherwise I’d have missed your work. Looking forward to more.

    • Thanks for helping, YellowCable,not sure myself, I do think the snow is a little more obvious in the monochrome, but both have their pros and cons 😉
      Hope all is great, greetings,

  4. Beautiful, rich deep textures that show up and invite the eye with the B&W shot ~ making the photo brilliant. The second shot works extremely well in terms of negative space. Wonderful. I like taking a look at the color photos too, as the color version creates such a different feel; great contrast of the warm & coldness within the shot moves the eye/focus to such a different place.

    • Wow, very nice of you to have such a thorough look at them, thanks for great explanation of where you thought these photos work for you!
      I agree the negative space of the second is stronger and I think in the older color version I darkened the black parts to strengthen that.
      Hope you’re doing great and interested to see your next adventures
      Greetings, Ron

  5. I went back to the coloured versions. The ‘feel’ between the colour and the B&W is quite different but the strength of composition and use of light in the originals contributes to a very effective monochrome reinterpretation. I like both sets.

    • Hi Louis, thanks for taking a thorough look at all of em! Cannot figure out which I like better, I do love the golden sunlight in the colored ofcourse, but the mono’s do have something as well. Hope you’re doing well, greetings, Ron

    • Hi Melinda, never thought about the fact the snow wasn’t obvious, as for me I had to wade thru almost a meter of snow to get in.
      It does add to the ‘oldness’ I agree, cuz the building itself is not that old!
      How are you by the way? Haven’t been around much, but your stream of beautiful b&w’s keep me inspired always!
      Cheers, Ron

      • It’s easy to forget that viewers only know as much about the scene as we let them see!

        I’m good – thanks for asking. Still keeping up with the blog (which you already knew) and working on some other photography projects, too. Thanks for the kind words re. my work!


        • Oh, that’s sounds very intriguing re. future projects!
          And yeah, you’re absolutely right about forgetting the viewers versus your own perception, which is always a difficult thing, cuz its so hard to forget the experience or memory that comes with the photo for yourself!
          Keep up your great work, Melinda


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    • Thanks, Paula, it was a piece of cake to turn them into mono; to be honest I think I like the old ones a little better, I did crop the left one little bigger, which is an improvement in my opinion, so thanks for enthusing me to do so!
      Cheers, Ron

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