Beam me up, Gaudi! (An Old & New Beginning)


Beam me up(1/200, F9, ISO100, 50mm)

This is a remake of a very old photo I made on top of the Casa Milà in Barcelona. Gaudi did an amazing job on these roof guardians and it was a pleasure to spent a magical hour at sunrise alone on the roof before the big tourist groups came.

It´s also my 40th photo on Instagram and as I will spent the next 3 weeks roadtrippin´ on the South island of New Zealand, it would be nice if those of you (and easier for my lazy self) who are on Instagram to connect there too…

45 thoughts on “Beam me up, Gaudi! (An Old & New Beginning)

  1. Thank you for liking “Levitation,” “Barber No More,” and “Everlasting.” Fantastic black-and-white photo! 🙂 It does a great job of bringing out the distinctive curves of Gaudi’s architecture.

  2. Oh wow, how incredible. I had to go do a bit of research on this as I was not familiar. The story is fascinating and your image, wonderful

  3. Gaudi was an amazing architect and this is an amazing photo! I was in Barcelona a few years ago and got to see some of his wonderful work in person. Your photo brings back happy memories.

  4. Gaudi is a great architect, it was great to see some of his works in Barcelona a few years ago.
    And New Zealand: It’s a fantastic country – nature is SO beautiful, and the people VERY friendly!
    I’m sure you will have a great time down under.

    • Thanks, Truels, yes, Gaudi´s work is so unique and divers, was great to explore some of his stuff around Spain when living there!
      And you couldnt be more right about NZ and its people, really even more than I ever expected, the people match the epic landscapes easily 😉
      Have a nice weekend,

  5. Great photo, making me homesick for Barcelona. Don’t forget to post the odd photo here for those few of us who haven’t embraced the new, exciting world of Instagram!

    • Oh yeah, miss Spain too 😉
      Definitely will come back with my photos here and not srue if I even have the chance to post on Instagram as I want to look at my photos on a big screen before deciding, such a perfectionist, huh?
      Greetings, Ron

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