Land of the Long White Cloud

Lake Pukaki with dissappearing Mt Cook

(1/1600, F7.1, ISO200, 74mm)

 Just returned from a journey around the South Island of New Zealand or as the Māori called it Land of the Long White Cloud and it seemed appropriate after seeing the above scene on our last day there. It is the view over Lake Pukaki towards Mt. Cook, the biggest on the South Island, but dissappearing in the clouds to the right.

Although my expectations were very high It was easily exceeded by the beauty and diversity of the landscape.
Apart from all its natural beauty the people of the South Island made it even more unforgettable; they were so friendly, interesting and sociable.
Definitely a country where I could live in a heartbeat!

Morning in Milford Sound

(1/200, F7.1, ISO400, 10mm)

I tried to take advantage of the beautiful autumn light and woke up early to catch sunrises and find pretty spots for sunsets, which wasn´t very difficult, because there is literally magic in every corner of that part of the world.

The above photo and the last were both taken at sunrise in Milford Sound, one of the two magical fjords we saw in the Fjordland National Park.

Sunrise over Mt Pembroke

(1/125, F7.1, ISO400, 50mm)

Many more to come…

58 thoughts on “Land of the Long White Cloud

    • Hi Inger, thanks for stopping by, yeah, if you haven’t been huge recommendations, but take your time, there’s beauty around every corner! Greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

  1. Lovely. I visited a long time ago but injured myself and only got as far as Wellington, almost to the South Island. So I need to go back to see what I missed.

  2. I’m being totally speechless when I see your great photos from New Zealand. This country is just SO BEAUTIFUL and I remember the many beautiful places and amazing people I met in the three months I traveled there in 1995 …..
    I am looking forward to see more from your journey!

    • Hi Truels, wow, three months, I wish I could stay there longer, and just like you said, the people where even more beautiful then the landscape, which almsot seems impossible 😉
      Thanks for your enthousiasm always!
      Cheers, Ron

  3. Incredible!!!! I went to New Zealand in 2000 and my husband and I both fell in love with it. If it wasn’t so far from my family in the States I could live there in a heartbeat. I can hardly wait to see your amazing photos!!!!!!

  4. The whole country is called Land of the Long White Cloud, not just the South Island. The scenery in the South Island is certainly stunning and well worth a visit.

  5. I’m very glad you got to go there, cause your captures did this place justice. Wonderful, Ron. It’s lucky that you are an early bird 🙂

    • Oh, you should put it on your list, it was on mine for a long long time and easily surpassed all my expectations, glad to be able to go there while I am living a little closer than going all the way from Europe 😉
      All the best to you, Ron

    • Oh, now I envy you 😉 where did you live? Really loved everything about it, the attitude of the people, the landscapes, the fresh air…
      Thanks for stopping by, Pommepal, all the best,

      • I lived in many parts of the North Island over those 40 years. In the 60’s and 70’s I was dairy farming in various parts of the Waikato, also lived in New Plymouth, Palmerston North, Pahiatua, and finally the last 15 years in Auckland. Now I live in Australia but go back for regular visits as my son and daughter still live over there.

        • That sounds like a very interesting time, we only visited the South Island because we didn´t want to rush like most tourists, so hope I can do the same on the North Island. I knew you were in Australia now, only visited a friend in Sydney for the weekend, but loved the the vibe there as well, guess lots of similarities between the two countries, would love to spend more time there too 😉

          • Similar, but different, if you know what I mean Ron. And both have lots going for them. You need to come back and spend more than a weekend over here…

  6. Magnificent shots – and I agree, this is a country I could easily live in for ever…Hope to go back there some day…

    • Thanks, Dave! Actually there was a bit of wind and therefore ripples on the fjords water, but the freshwater basin was totally still.
      Would love to see Milford with all its waterfalls during heavy rain…
      Greetings from Malaysia,

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