Valley of the Rings

Miner in the Window

(1/500, F8, ISO200, 17mm)

 Of all the amazing and diverse landscapes I´ve seen in New Zealand the valleys surrounding Glenorchy was one of my favorites. I can totally understand why film director Peter Jackson thought he could make Lord of the Rings into a movie when his home country has all these epic locations.

These valleys were used in a couple of scenes from his trilogy (depicting Isengard), but before they became known as that, it was mainly an area for mining, first gold and later scheelite, but the last state mines were closed in the 1960´s!

The above photo was taken inside a miner´s cottage.

The next was taken just outside this cabin.

Miner´s cabin in Dart Valley

(1/400, F8, ISO100, 17mm)

We stayed in the small town of Glenorchy, which was at the end of the road of an amazing 45 minutes scenic drive from Queenstown which winds past mountains, rivers, forests, glaciers and Lake Wakatipu.

We spent a couple of days exploring the valleys, mountains and waterfalls further up and I tried to make use of some sunsets and sunrises to catch some of the scenery.

Lake Wakatipu Sunrise

(1/400, F8, ISO400, 123m)

Above photo was taken on a piece of land for sale (I wish!) in early morning overlooking Lake Wakatipu. This last photo was shot on the road back to Queenstown, the only way in and out if you are not hiking or flying!

Driving into Glenorchy

(1/400, F8, ISO400, 123m)

Bye bye Glenorchy, hope to be back someday…

56 thoughts on “Valley of the Rings

  1. I have always appreciated your landscape shots, but the first one of the shirt in the drawer is a wonderful piece. I am often struck how much your work reminds me of paintings. In the case of the shirt and drawer I am reminded of Wyeth paintings, only your photographic pallet is so much richer and darker than his.

    • Hi Noelle, personally I think mylandscape shot are ok, but there are so many good and better ones out there, very glad to hear you like the shirt, cuz that is more a personal style than the others and comparing it to Wyeth is very kind and totally see what you mean with his interior paintings with natural light coming in! Very flattering, thanks, have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Thanks a lot, Nia, one of the most beautiful valleys I´ve ever seen, allready picked out a piece of land for sale with 360 degree views, oooh, i wish….
      Enjoy your weekend, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Truels, next few posts will be more informative than photographic, but still interesting enough in both ways i hope!
      New Zealand was amazing, it was on my bucketlist, but actually still is, wouldnt mind going back to all that beauty 😉
      Warm greetings from KL, Ron

  2. Ron, these are simply stunning shots of a land I’ve long dreamt about. You’ve brought those dreams back to life once again ~ beautiful work.

  3. Holy Cow, that first image had me exclaiming out loud (the shadows and light are lovely!), and that third image is just stunning

    • Hi Laurie, sorry for late reply, but that´s so cool to read, first was a great find, just had to scramble thru some bushes to get in, but the light in the valley was perfect! Have a great weekend, greetings, Ron

    • A very belated thank you, Noeline, hope all is going well on your side of the globe, seeing your photos it definitely looks like that 😉
      Have a great weekend and sorry for the late reply!

  4. The first window shot has your signature all over it. I am very glad you got to visit this part of the world cause I can hardly imagine any other blogger here do it justice as you did. What lens did you use for this?

    • Hi Paula, bit late but that´s very kind of you, thanks. First two shots are with my wide lens 10-25 mm i think, favorite for interiors like the first, cuz you have the option to take as much in from the interior as possible! Have a good week,

    • Thanks very much, Mofman, such a beuatiful country, very happy to have seen it and met the amazing people around the South Island too, another great asset of NZ 😉
      Sorry for late reply, but back into blogosphere now, greetings from KL,

    • Hi Maria, sorry for being so late, but lot of New Zealand reminded me of Scandinavia, maybe oven more quiet around NZ, but so pretty!
      Thanks, hope all is well, greetings, Ron

  5. Wonderful light, wonderful pictures. And though these landscape shots are both beautiful and evocative, my favourite is the one in the miner’s cabin – so reminiscent of that one you took in a deserted dwelling in Spain once. I love the shadows and the way the dirty window (and coathanger!) adds to, rather than detracts from the atmosphere.

  6. stunning images, Ron, totally surreal…
    and I just love that first one, that warm light and that great mood there, beautiful story-telling…

    • Thank you so much, Alexandra, first one is my favorite too, cuz I think it has the most of my signature, rest is more landscape thats been done a thousand times 😉 Hope all is well, sorry for being so late, but appreciate as much, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, Richard, sorry to be so late in replying, but hope to get back to bloggin ways again now!
      The first is my favorite too, it has more of my touch to it then the others, I think!
      Hope all is great, cheers, Ron.

    • Thanks so much, Louise, it was so nice to spend some days in these places and look around for the light and views and try to capture them at their best!
      Warm greetings, Ron.

  7. Would love to live amid that magnificent scenery—except for the inevitable earthquake experience. Which is why I left California far, far behind. I guess we each have our phobias, don’t we? LOL…

    • Hi Alli, sorry for being so late, just getting into the swing of bloggin again after some travels, but I can understand your phobia, Christchurch was 7 yearst after the last one and still was one big construction site and seeing some of the destruction there it was hard to have any idea what kind of experience that must have been…but being on a fault line does bring some dramatic landscape 😉
      Hope all is good, greetings from Malaysia, Ron

  8. The last image is my favourite for landscape, also fond of the first with its beautiful lighting and indoor/outdoor exposures,though i would remove the hanger, as it is too distracting but that’s just my opinion)

    • Hi Ana, thanks so much and happy to share ofcourse, sorry for being so late in replying, hope all is well, saw you didnt post for a long time too?
      Greetings from KL, Ron

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