From KL with Love


(1/1600, F7.1, ISO200, 74mm)

 Too much traveling, no blogging, but I´m still around and will be back. Til then here are some photos from a day spent in KL.

The biggest difference in traveling lately is that the photography is not my priority, the enjoying and experience are most important.
So even though I went to Thailand twice, Tioman island and Holland I hardly made any (worthwile) photos, but the archive is still waiting to be shown…

View over KUala Lumpur from Ampang viewpoint

(1/200, F7.1, ISO400, 10mm)

These were all taken on Ampang hill, East of Kuala Lumpur at an abandoned viewpoint where there used to be restaurants, bars and a club. All these were shut down a couple of years ago due to a landslide.

 Street food with a view

(1/125, F7.1, ISO400, 50mm)

This last photo is taken a little bit lower on the same hill where the locals started making their amazing local food for ridiculous prices with one of the best views of the sun setting over KL City Centre.

Tomorrow I´m off to Thailand for two weeks and the second half of it will be a bit more about taking photos, so I´ll be back here…

In the meantime my laziness suits Instagram better 😉

42 thoughts on “From KL with Love

    • Thanks very much, Stevie, definitely a scene to my taste too, not so much abandonement to be found here or it is to scary to go in 😉
      Hope all is great, cheers, Ron.

    • Hi Dunelight, not sure, but I think you meant the one from New Zealand post, no? Thanks very much and sorry to have been away so long, but getting back into the swing of things here 😉
      Enjoy your week, greetings, Ron

    • Hi, sorry to find myself not posting for so long, but getting back to it, actually promised it to myself and readers in last post 😉
      Thanks for compliment, hope all is great, greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

    • Easily done here as it was as most Thai island visits in low/ rainy season: beautiful green mountains and empty beaches, filled waterfalls, locals that actually have time to have a talk and great food, being there outside the touristy season also meant you meet similar minded people, which is always an interesting byproduct 😉
      Thanks for your interest, Sally, warm greetings from KL!!

    • Oh yeah, Paula, the food, traveling and scenery is too much of an experience, but next week planing to go to South Thailand and hope to do some photos there. Just hope the situation with all the bombings doesnt get worse, but I´m never near the most touristy parts luckily!
      You take care too! 😉

    • Hi Laurie, totally agree, but I love making photographs sometimes do, does take away from the experience, but when I do, I hope to combine and be living the moment to get a feel of a place and hopefully end up with some good stuff, cuz I do it like that 😉
      All the best to you, thanks for stopping by, Ron

    • Thank you very much, Jane, definitely will 😉
      And I totally agree the experience comes first before a good photo is even a possibility, but seen so many snapping tourists around here it seems I’m the only one who thinks like that! Greetings, Ron

  1. Beautiful photos! You are one busy traveler. Sometimes travel just needs to be enjoyed without the camera after a while. Instagram is a great alternative.

    • Thank you, Angeline! Definitely want to turn into the camera-tourist; I agree a place or experience needs to be felt first before a good photo is possible to capture it! Have a great weekend!

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