After about 8 years of visiting friends in the Pre-Pyrenees and enjoying the hills, abandoned villages, green valleys, rivers and mountains, I got the opportunity to live in Zaragoza with ‘mi novia’ and now I can enjoy the provence Aragon and its ‘Bueno, Feo y Malo’ surroundings to the fullest. Here’s the result of my love for photography and all that mother nature gives and takes back from us. Starting on the 25th of August 2011 I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve been living and enjoying life in Aragon and Spain by trying to up the stakes to one photo a day for the year to come…

Since December of 2013 my travels took me to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and therefor from that point on I will also include more photos from my travels around Southeast Asia. But the huge archive from my Spanish roadtrips will always be an endless source for new and ´recycled´ photos.


All my images are copyrighted – please do not use them in any way (including website, blogs etc.) without my written permission. © All rights reserved.

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  1. Am looking forward to exploring your blog more. South East Asia is my favourite travel destination with more still yet to discover. I love Spain and I have only scratched the surface there, so that’s a match I reckon. Louise

    • Hi Louise, thanks for dropping by, really enjoyed your posts about trekking to Everest Base camp, very inspirational!
      SE Asia has been a blast the last 3 years, really interesting cultures and amazing scenery! Do miss Spain, but was fortunate to have live there for 4 years! Ron

  2. Hi Ron,
    I love, love, love your pictures! I´m learning Spanish and hope to visit Spain one day. I´ll get many ideas what to see in your posts, for sure.
    If you´d like, have a look at my blog (I know, Czech is not a major language, but it´s challenging, isn´t it? ;).
    Feliz Navidad y muy inspirativo aňo 2017!

  3. I’m late, but thank you for visiting my site and liking one of my posts (Writing Bug). I’m glad I finally came here, your pictures are spectacular!

  4. Hey Ron!!! Thank you for dropping by and of course for likes too. Your visit brought me here. Your photographs are wonderful. The colors you bring out in shot is really interesting. Even your monochrome shots are awesome. I would love to follow your journey. Nice to meet you. Have a great day…:) Keep Picturing and Keep Smiling..:)

  5. Hi Ron, Thank you for following my photography blog, Jane’s Lens. I hope you are inspired. I’ve followed you for a while and love your style. Beautifully composed landscapes, architecture and creative shots which have a great depth of color and intensity. I appreciate your visits to my blog.

    • Thank you very much, it´s been more than half a year for me now as well, but with my use archive of photos from my 3 years spent there, it´s still going strong and planning to go back as well 😉
      Nice to hear you were encouraged by my photos to see it again as well, such a great country!
      Greetings, Ron.

  6. Breathtaking images! You give life to those long forgotten or unseen places in a way that becomes pure art. Thanks for sharing your great work.

    • Thanks very much, Willy, thats such a flattering compliment, cuz thats exactly what I want to achieve with all these abandoned histories and places!
      Hope all is well, greetings, Ron.

  7. Hi Ron, bedankt voor t bezoeken van mijn blog, blij dat je dat gedaan hebt, ben ontzettend onder de indruk van je foto’s! – thanks for visiting my blog, I’m glad that you did, very impressed by your pictures!

    • Hoi Eirene,
      Nederlands is helemaal goed hoor, vond jouw foto´s ook erg fraai; die laatste zie ik nu, die had ik zo gemaakt willen hebben, stil woonachitg in nl?
      Dank je voor compliment, groet, Ron.

      • Dank daarvoor! Ja ik woon nog in Nl, bij de Veluwe, blijft altijd mooi… maar zal zeker ook wel in de toekomst naar t buitenland gaan!

        • Ah, de mooie Veluwe, daar kom ik oorspronkelijk ook vandaan, de eerste 18 jaar van mijn leventje zat ik in Putten of all places, wel prachtige bossen en heide om de hoek!
          Je bedoelt buitenland als in emigreren (ook) of veel reizen?
          Groet, Ron.

  8. Thanks for popping in to ‘jamoroki’ Ron. Spain is one of my favourite countries and spent many happy hours in Almeria and wandering in the Alpuharras during the 1980’s. Love your pics; they bring back memories.

    • Hello James, I can imagine you enjoyed the Alpujarras around that time, only got to visit the area a couple of years ago, but must have been really unspoilt around that time? dont get me wrong it was beautiful!
      Thanks and it became memories for me too 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

  9. Greetings from Japan!
    Thank you for taking time to stop by my site. I am so happy to have discovered yours, and will be sure to visit again. Your photographs are amazing 🙂
    Best wishes,

  10. Hello Ron, thank you for the visit on my site! 🙂 Your photography is awesome and it inspires me so much. Keep posting wonderful pictures of the mountains! Do you work a lot with HDR? Greetings

    • Hello Suze, youre welcome and thanks for your kind words, very flattering to hear! Oh those Spanish mountains, i miss those (now living in Malaysia, beautiful too, but different!)…
      Actually I almost never use HDR, my last one is, but guess theres not more than a handful out of almost 500 photos. I always try to keep it down, cuz i dont like those obvious hrd-shots.
      Well, thanks again and nice to follow your travels too,

    • That´s very nice of you to say, Cybele! Very happy to hear that some of what I like and see gets thru in my photos!
      Thanks for your encouraging enthousiasm,

  11. Thanks for visiting Ron. So happy to have had a chance to explore your blog which is a real work of art. Look forward to exploring it and following you in the coming months. Best wishes. 🙂

    • Hello Andrew, thats very kind of you to say, very gla dyou enjoyed your time here, hope to keep it up, nice meeting you and your blog too!
      All the best to you too, greetz, Ron.

  12. Thanks so much for your like on my page, Tide Line Still Life. I hope my photos continue to delight you!

  13. waouhhhh I’m impressed, when I look Your pics I think “I stop photo, I’m not on this level” 🙂
    you really have a great talent, It’s very very nice, I like your “vision” of photography,
    it’s a chance meeting, it allows us to see in what direction must evolve, Thanks for lesson 🙂

    • Hello Julie, thanks so much for your enthousiasm and I´m very flattered with your compliments!
      dont ever stop taking photographs, i dont want that on my conscience, i like yours too
      If you want to know anythin of how I made or post-processed it, please ask
      Enjoying where you are and what you want to shoot is almost my first priority, the photos come later…

      All the best and thanks again, greetings, Ron.

  14. Thank you Ron for the ‘like’s’ on some of my pages, but to be perfectly honest, the next hour was way beyond like, more an exquisite delight to see such an array of beautiful photography on your site here. Again, thank you. I got no work done, but I feel so refreshed from my journey across those lovely old homes and landscapes. Namaste

    • Wow, thats very cool to hear, very flattered by your enthousiasm, thanks very much for your interest in my work. I guess the privilege of not doing paid work is you can photograph whatever I feel like but like you said I definitely get inspired by some objects and views more than other!
      Namaste, Mark

    • Hi Debi, thanks a lot for your compliment, so glad to here you enjoyed it here! Very welcome to visit yours too.
      Warm greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

  15. Your photographs are beautifully rich with color and texture, which I admire very much. I also like the composition and perspective that trends in your work, your ability to capture common things in uncommon ways. Now that I found your blog, I’ve followed it so I can continue to enjoy and be inspired by your creative expressions of the world that surrounds us.
    — Earl Harris

    • Hello Earl, thanks so much for stopping by! Those are huge compliments and very happy to here that my personal view is appreciated, because it´s sometimes very hard to see beyond your own creations and try to understand what the viewer experiences these glimpses of the places I get to see!
      Hope to see you around, all the best to you, Ron.

  16. This was a very tough post for me to photograph and write about, as it probably was for you to view and read. So a super thank you rondje for “Liking” the post “Horrific”. Streets Of Our World on my photography blog

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

  17. Thank you for “Liking” the post “My Life In A Hole”. Streets Of Our World. on my photography blog On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Harold,

      You´re welcome and thanks for stopping by, but this almost seems like an automated comment seeing the next one?

      well, hope you are ok

      greetz, Ron.

  18. Hi! Thanks for bringing my attention to your work by following my blog. You have a really great site here and I’m sure your photography will inspire me a lot, now that I’ve just started learning digital photography. I plan to keep checking it out. Wishing you many exciting roads and experiences ahead! Yael

    • Hola Yael,
      Thanks for the compliment and very nice to follow your adventures in California, such colorful photos and stories and some memories of a holiday i spent in the Southwest US couple of years ago. I think your photos are great by the way.
      Shame i have to leave Spina but new horizons to explore 😉
      Saludos, Ron.

    • Hola Sue, sorry to have seen this so late; very kind of you to choose my blog, very flattered! Never do awards, guess I´m just a lazy photographer 😉
      Hope all is well and thanks for the support, so very much appreciated!
      Warm greetings from Spain, Ron.

  19. You have some amazing pictures here. Really cool and I just love them. Hopefully one day I will be as good. My road journey is just starting, bnut thanks for letting me into yours! MM 🍀

    PS love for you to come back and give critical advice! MM

    • Thanks a lot, Mick, that´s very flattering to hear, but I´m still a learner too. Will follow your journey and will do!
      Have a great journey, Ron.

  20. Hi Ron, thanks so much for stopping by my page and introducing me to yours that way. I love your pictures and all the amazing stuff you have turned up in Spain! Makes me want to travel there very badly!!

    • Hola Andreas, you´re very welcome and welcome here as well; thanks very much for your appreciation!
      If you ever do, please ask for advice, the Northern part (closest to you) and especially the province of Aragon i know pretty well 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

  21. Thanks for visiting! I don’t think I could possibly keep up with one photo a day, but you seem to be managing very well with it. Keep up the good work!
    All the best, John

    • Hi John, thanks for stopping by, I quitted the one a day last year in august after a year; when I started that i didnt even know about the existence of so many 365-blogs. Now I focus on quality instead of quantity 😉
      Warm greetings from Spain, Ron.

  22. Thanks for the recent visit to and follow of my blog. It had the happy consequence of leading me here and I’ve really enjoyed viewing your images. Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Kerry, i love your landscapes and they always inspire…
      Thanks for the compliment, hope you will view it as great work in the future too 😉
      Have a great day, Ron.

  23. Thanks so much for the follow over on my blog; I consider this quite an honor. Your photography from Spain is captivating and really makes me want to explore my ancestry there. You may have started something!

    • Oooh, thats nice of you to say, but i love to see other peoples styles and i like your view and part of the world. Thanks for the compliment and your support, so what do you know about your Spanish ancestry or is it very long ago?
      Warm greetings, Ron.

  24. Wow Ron, i really like your story. Great shots. Thank you for coming around to my blog. Maybe you can school me on Spain. I’m actually not an all knowing source of legend and lore…but I’m working on it lol. I get a lot of my material from interesting and cultured people such as yourself. People share and I wander. It goes well together, I’ve yet to be let down 🙂

    Thanks again for coming by my blog. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed yours.

    • Hi Christa, thanks for stopping by, loved your blog too, very unique! Spain is filled with legends and a rich history, people over here are much more superstitious than us dutchies i guess. Hope to see ya around and nice to ´meet´ ya
      Greetings, Ron.

        • Hi Christa, everytime i read about places i go, mostly abandoned, and look up info about it later i find that Spanish people always believe they are haunted places, but guess thats the same everywhere around the world; its that Spain has a pretty dark past and that will probably make those feelings stronger here, dont know examples but just ask anytime you see something that looks interesting….
          Have a great weekend and good luck, Ron.

  25. Hi Ron, greetings from the great white north. Beautiful photos with lots of passion behind them. When a photo as the ability to stop me and lure me in for a detailed look I get excited. I love to look at photography that’s of a different style than mine. Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog it’s much appreciated. Speak soon!

    • Hello Mark, thanks and very warm greetings from Spain 😉
      Thanks for the compliments, nice to know that you like my photos, definitely totally different than your style of street/portrait, but therefor even more interesting and inspiring. See ya around and have a great week, Ron.

  26. Hi Ron, Thanks for following my photography blog. I hope you are inspired! I would love to see Spain one day…your photos are beautiful and I look forward to seeing more.

    • Oooh, sorry for late reply, very inspirational to see photos from another part of the world! Thanks for stopping by here, hope you´re still positive about Spain 😉
      Hope all is well, Greetings, Ron.

    • Haha, thanks a lot, Dan, guess there´s a lot by now, so the bigger the compliment, will try to revisit some i like myself too, so enough chances to see old & new. Hope all is great there, greetz, Ron.

    • Hola Frankie, thank you for stopping by, so great to hear you like my photos, hope youre still enjoying them 😉
      All the best to you, Greetings, Ron.

  27. Hello Rondje, very nice pictures of that part of Pyrenees I love!
    Thank you for like my post “Les Albères”!

    • Hi and thanks for the compliment. The Pyrenees are so desolate and beautiful, gotta love em!
      Youre welcome, hope all is well, greetz, Ron.

  28. Hi and thanks for visiting my blog! I LOVE the Pyrenees, Aragon, Zaragoza and that entire area. It’s so beautiful and largely undiscovered. We were there for 6 weeks last summer…just a small taste, and cannot wait to go back! Where do you live?

    • Hi there, thanks for your visit here! Totally agree on Aragon, most amazing province ive seen in Spain; lived in Zaragoza for 2 years and now in Madrid for a year but every chance i get i try tyo explore more Aragon and mountains 😉
      If you ever choose to revisit, let me know and I can try to give some advice if necessary, warm greetings, Ron.

  29. Hi Rondje, thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 your photos are so inspiring, really make me miss Spain! Completely with you on the beauty of Aragon, such an interesting region to visit! Keep the photos coming, am keen to see more hidden gems that you have captured.

  30. Ron, these are absolutely gorgeous photos — How fantastic to live in and travel around Spain and document the beauty! Thank you for stopping by and checking out Travel Oops! Cheers, Steph

    • Hi Steph,
      Yep feel very Lucky to be able to do this; unfortunately now bit further away from my beloved province of Aragon and the Pyrenees having moved from Zaragoza to Madrid, but there´s enough to explore around here too 🙂
      Enjoyed reading about your travels too, all the best, Ron.

    • You´re welcome, Rosemarie, nice to here you enjoyed my photos; guess Aragon is very unknown to a lot of people, but definitely one of the most beautiful provinces in Spain, i think; from the mountains in the north through the Ebro valley with its semideserts and the natural parks all over, not to mention its 400plus abandoned villages 😉
      Greetz, Ron.

  31. Ron, thanks for visiting my blog. Nice idea this blog…and awesome place to discovery Aragon…I dream on gettin into night shooting one day and get to the Bardenas Reales….I am from not a far away place…Tarragona…Will follow your blog!

    • Hola Javi, definitely love Argon and thought more people should here and see it; not too much, cuz i love the quietness and vastness of it 😉
      Now actually living close to Madrid, so Aragon and Zaragoza are very much missed here, never been to Tarragona, but know lots of people from Zgz go there for its beaches.
      The Bardenas Reales is very impressive, never knew such a place existed in Europe; looks like Southwest of US!
      Hasta luego, Ron.

    • Hi Olaesu, thank you for stopping by here; well last couple of weeks it been pretty bad over here, but normally you can find sun and nice shadows all over the place 😉
      Greetings, Ron.

  32. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! Your blog is a chamber of treasure – I will most certainly be back. We hiked in the Pyrenées last summer and Spain is fantastic.I love your texture, colour and everything about your pictures that I’ve seen so far.

    • You´re welcome, Ann-Christine!Nice to hear you like my photos and i very much love the Pyrenees, so much more quiet compared to Alps and as impressive at times 😉
      All the best to you, Ron.

  33. Thanks for your visit on my blog first of all.
    Am not sure wether to use English or Dutch here 😉
    Just wanted to say you have an amazing and very inspiring blog, it has been awhile since I came across a blog containing so much diversity
    You have an amazing eye and feel for catching the colors and subjects and could have pressed a like on just about every post you placed ..
    Thank you very much for sharing and will definatly keep a close watch on whats next to come 🙂


    • Hoi Nandi,

      Nederlands is prima, hoor, woon nu ruim twee jaar hier, maar ik ben nog gewoon een kaaskop met Spaanse trekjes (de goeie, hoop ik!).
      Leuk dat je rond gekeken hebt en super om te horen dat je meeste kon waarderen, dank daarvoor…
      Ben zo nu en dan ook oudere fotos aan het her-posten, al dan niet opnieuw ge-edit, die in het stille begin hier geplaatst heb, alleen dan iets meer kwaliteitscontrole 😉
      Groetjes vanuit stiekem regenachtig Spanje, Ron.

  34. Hola Ron, Thanks for liking my photo of La Chascona’s door on the Legion. Like you I also love Spain. I will be visiting again later this year and Zaragoza is on my list. Your photographs look good. I will be checking in to see more images.

    • Hola Eduardo,
      Spains is amazing but havent seen half of it yet after living here for two and a half years, so i keep exploringas much as I can.
      Zaragoza was my hometown for two years and if you need any advice on things to see, landscape, cities, historic sites in and out of town, let me know, gladto help!
      All the best to you and thanks for stopping by, Ron.

    • Wow, thanks for saying that, John, i hope to still learn a lot, telling more of a story cuz i think i overdone it on the technical part sometimes 🙂
      All the best to you, Ron.

  35. Hi Ron, I have really enjoyed looking around your blog. I especially like how you have processed your photos. The composition and the colours, especially in your more recent posts are captivating. I look forward to following you and learning from you.

    • Muchas gracias, Anna Marie, thats very cool to hear, hopefully my end-results come closer and closer to the view i had in mind while shooting; but still you cannot make a good picture out of a mediocre one through postprocessing. Hope all is well there,
      Greetings, Ron.

  36. Keep the cam with you all the time Ron , I really enjoyed watching the world from your lens

    • Hello Abdul, will definitely do that, especially knowing there´s somebody else watching over my shoulder from New Zealand 😉
      Thanks for that and warm greetings from Spain,

  37. Thank you for stopping by and following Clicks & Corks as well as liking two of my images: much appreciated!
    Your blog is beautiful and so is your photography! Many great, great shots. Well done.
    I only wish you added a “follow” button to your blog so I would get your new posts in my inbox whenever you publish them: any chance you would do that?…
    Take care!

    • Hola Stefano,

      Thank you for visiting and nice to hear you like what you saw; i guess you can follow through wordpress,but also if you log out of wp theres an email-follow-button to the right low corner, i thought, sorry for inconvenience 😉
      Have a great day, Ron.

  38. Hola, Dank voor je bezoek aan m’n blog. Ik heb een tijdje rond gekeken, hiero, en ben onder de indruk: prachtige foto’s! Ik ga dan ook niet op alle individuele ‘Like’ knopjes drukken; maar doe het met deze reactie voor alles wat ik tot nu toe gezien heb. adios!

    • Hola Harrie, dank voor je compliment, leuk te horen dat je onder de indruk bent; ben sinds half jaar meer bezig met doorselecteren en kwaliteit omhoog ipv elke dag een foto, dat gaat uiteindelijk toch ten koste van de kwaliteit, ondanks dat ik flink archief had voordat ik eraan begon 😉
      Groet en hopelijk gaat alles goed in het Hollandse, Ron.

  39. I’ve look through a lot of pages of your photographs and feel you certainly know your way around a camera. You have good exposure and processing skills. I must admit in a lot of cases I found composition as your weakest link. There were a lot of well composed photos that were excellent but in other cases I kept asking myself what the subject was. Your abstract work gets too caught up in form and lack direction. Understand that you’re one of the most talented photographers I’ve seen in blogs. I’m not even taking away from your better work. Ask yourself if any given shot could be taken with a cellphone and you’l get what I’m trying to say. You’re good but inconsistant. Thanks for posting such an interesting blog. – Bob

    • Hello Bob, thanks so much for your profounded feedback; really love it, so much more to learn from comments like yours. I totally understand your point, but if you feel like it, maybe point out some shots where the composition took away from the subject, if there was a clear subject. Agreed on the abstract shot, totally focused on form and style when I look for compositions there. One of the things that came with posting for a year is the loss in quality for sure; also i sometimes used photos that were more about documenting what there is around in Spain and some are more bout the photography. Thats one thing I wanted to change after that year, more focus on The photo than documenting!
      Really grateful for your compliment but especially the interest and feedback, very helpful!

      all the best to you, Ron.

  40. What amazing photos! Thank you for finding my blog – I’m following yours now, and I look forward to more beautiful shots! You have a great eye.

  41. Beyond jealous. . . I spent my junior year in Toledo, dated a man from Zaragoza. I still have many momentos from that period, including 12 rolls of film (I lost my roll from Sevilla). Did I mention that I’m old? This was in 1984. I wish I had the time to go back and spend a year simply doing photography. What a wonderful talent you have, and definitely a particular style, eh? I’m going to follow you. . . looking forward to seeing photos of Toledo 😉 C’mon. You know you want to go.

    • Hola Sandra, thanks so much for your compliment and I can understand your fond memories, must have been even more traditional when you were here, although Zaragoza is still very Spanish, really fell in love with that city and its surroundings (as you can see here).
      Been visiting Toledo twice now and its amazing, have to make sure you´re there during the week to wander its alleys alone, same goes for Segovia and Avila who both are close and amazing medieval feeling cities too.
      Guessthere must be some around already, for sure Toledo´s cathedral detail, but probably more to come
      All the best to you y saludos, Ron.

    • Gracias, Allan, very cool and flattering of you to say, still very much learning and the wp-community helps a lot by viewing, feedbacking and discussing.
      Thanks for your compliments, greetz, Ron.

  42. Hey, Ron…I appreciate the note you left the other day…now I know you’re here. You’ve some incredible work…thought-provoking and inspiring.

    Mucho gusto, y buena suerta con sus viajes.

    • Hola, Scott, thanks for the visit. Very cool to hear my photos had an impact y gracias for the support, very much appreciated.
      Saludos y buena suerta para ti, Ron.

    • Hola, Emilio, thanks for the visit and compliment too. Hope you enjoy what you see here, although it can be a little bit ugly sometimes too 😉
      Saludos, Ron.

    • Hola Konstantine, thanks for the visit and compliment. Spain is beautiful and it´s people too.
      Nice to see your wandering around too; Australia is definitely on my list too, a bit far though 😉
      All the best to you too, Ron.

      • Thanks so much for returning and liking ‘Crystal Beauty’ 🙂 Your work remains amazing, congratulations on the recent opportunity to judge imagery, I do not envy you that task! Take care – Stan

  43. Gorgeous photos. Such intriguing moods you capture, and sensations they evoke in us viewers. I also love accompanying my writing and photos with songs & lyrics…..I am in love with music and sound, and the way sensory awareness is enhanced by coupling sight, with sound, with feeling. Brava. And thanks for stopping by my blog. ❤

    • Wow, thats great to read, so happy to hear my photos reach (some) people. Thanks for all the compliments andI love music a lot too, just to lazy to post some with my photos as I promised before, but titles are lots of times referring to songs, film etc..
      All the best, Ron.

    • Thank YOU, Jane, glad to have find you and follow you too. Thanks too for your compliment, nice to hear you like it over here too, greetings, Ron.

  44. Actually I wanted to comment to the photos I like but that’s impossible – they’re ALL amazing!
    This kind of photography is what I always wanted to do but in some way it doesn’t work out…
    Keep it up!

    GreetZ from Germany

    • Well thank you very much, PeM, thats a huge compliment; hopefully the past and future of my photos can get your appreciation!
      Greetings, Ron

  45. This is amazing, I has always wanted to explore Aragon. I don’t know why, but I have always been drawn to the region. I think this is where the magic is! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful images. Peace, lee

    • Wow, thanks, Lee! Cool that you’re interested; there’s lots to explore already around here. Aragon is amazing, from deserts to the high mountains and canyons of the Pyrenees, lots of history and abandonment too. IF you ever have questions or plan to visit, let me knwo, I’m very happy to be assisting. Also really cool to have met you and your blog, really interesting!
      Greetings, Ron

    • Thanks for stopping by and the compliments; very intrigued by the photography in movies way before I got serious with photogtaphy I guess it must have influenced me. So you can imagine how big a compliment it is, thx and greetings, Ron

  46. Your pictures are beautiful! I love the title of your blog as well, The Good, the bad and the ugly : ).

    • Hola Carlie,

      Thanks very much! The funny thing is, apart from the fact that the Spanish translate everything including names (e.g Prince Charles is Principe Carlos :), that they translated the good, the bad and the ugly into the good, the ugly and the bad!!

  47. hi Ron,
    Thanks for visiting my blog site. Your articles backed up by your photos in here are indeed great. Looking forward for more of your photos.

    Good day.

    regards 🙂

  48. Very good work! I really like the quality of your photos. I live in Zaragoza and I had a really good time browsing through your blog. Many a time I’ve walked past good street arts without even paying attention to them. You’ve made me rediscovered the city. Maño! Pon más fotos!!

    • Hola, thanks for stopping by, glad you enjoyed the pictures! I’ve een living here for almost two years now and do I love Zaragoza and Aragon, the variety, history, people and nature are incredible. I will definitely come up with more street art, but there’s just too much to photograph 🙂
      Gracias por el cumplidos!

  49. I’ve just gone through your archived posts and am very impressed with the high quality of work here. Excellent!

    • Thanks, Dennis, good to hear you enjoyed it! Hope to impress with future architectural shots, but ther’s so much to photograph around here; especially landscapes and abandoned villages 🙂

  50. Thank you for ‘liking’ my ‘Patterns in the sand’ and, as a result, for introducing me to your site. You have a magnificent selection of photos. The subjects you choose interest me greatly – Spain, patterns, texture, shape, colour. I look forward to the challenge you have set yourself and will return – soon and regularly!

  51. En dan lees je ineens Nederlands, wat grappig! En ik maar denken dat dit een Spaans blog was, wat het eigenlijk ook wel weer een beetje is!
    Maar leuk om hier weer eens een ‘fellow’ Nederlander tegen te komen.
    Prachtige foto’s! en erg leuk om je Barca foto’s te zien, brings back great memories.
    Ik ga je volgen…kijken wat dit jaar voor moois in petto heeft…

    • Hallo Joanna, bedankt voor je complimenten en commentaar!
      Ja, ik denk dat het een Spaans Engelstalig blog door een Nederlander is voor iedereen.
      Barcelona is geweldig, maar ik ben nog groter liefhebber van de natuur en de verlaten dorpen van Aragon, dus die zullen wel weer veelvuldig voorbij komen dit jaar. Leuk idee ook voor je 365-blog om water als onderwerp te nemen, maar je maakt het jezelf niet makkelijk 🙂

      • Hoi Ronald
        Nee ik weet dat ik het mezelf niet makkelijk maak, maar ik hou wel van een uitdaging 😉
        en ik schrijf ook in het engels, is nu eenmaal meer toegankelijk!
        Ik ben benieuwd naar je natuurfoto’s… stiekem hebben die bij mij ook meer de voorkeur boven city-pics, hoewel deze ook zeker zijn charme hebben.
        Keep up the good work

        • Hoi Joanna,

          Voorlopig ben je goed bezig met agua als onderwerp, ook altijd mooi met bewegende objecten leuke dingen doen!
          Zullen wel weer vooral verlaten dorpen-foto’s worden, die hebben toch mijn voorkeur, maar ik ga niks uit de weg 🙂

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