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This is the panorama made from the five Picos de Europa-photos.
Deliberately shuffled, zoomed, repeated and unstitchable to create my own mountainous blue world.
Now I’ll have to find a good place to print in Madrid and some nice frames, but then I will show the real result on my wall as well.


39 thoughts on “Rascacielos

    • Gracias, Guillaume! It was such a beautiful view on this empty lookout point in the morning!
      Can you imagine looking the other way I could see the coastline and sea as well, pfew, simply stunning
      Thanks for stopping by and looking at some of my stuff, much appreciated.
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Thank you very much, i hoped that made a difference compared to many great panoramas out there.
      and especially thanks for reminding me I have to get these ready for printing 😉
      Have a great week, Ron.

    • Thanks!
      Still in progress, but moving forward as I now have a new laptop which can process the 18mp photos and now I can start looking for somewhere to print them! Greetz,Ron.

  1. I especially like number two and five, if it is permitted to make a choice. If I would have a pool I would print these pictures on the tiles so that I could combine being under water and looking out over the mountains all at once. Le Grand Blue!

  2. Such an epic landscape! The printed series will look awesome* on your wall!
    (* with apologies to Warren, but I use the word in its true sense… as in ‘inspiring awe’ 😉 )

    • Hola, Suzanne, thanks very much, hope you can come see it for real (don’t be too fast as it’ll take awhile 🙂
      And I know the problem with not using the Awe-word, but glad you made an exception for me, i know how hard that must have been!
      Big hugs from us

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