Bright City Lights

Sunset view over KL

(1/50, F6.3, ISO400, 55mm)

 It has been a long time and several travels thru Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia, but everytime I return home to KL the views from our balconies over the city and its surrounding jungle mountains never stops to amaze me.

Rainbows over KL

(1/100, F4, ISO400, 55mm)

From sunny in the morning til heavy storm clouds and rolling thunder in the afternoon, most times the sun appears just before it sets to give the sky its colors. I just wanted to share these photos before I return to sharing the photos from my travels soon…

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

(1/80, F5, ISO1600, 10mm)

This is the only remaining tunnel that leads to the Sultan´s mosque from my previous post.

During the mid-18th century, the Sultan of Yogyakarta (Java, Indonesia), began work on the Taman Sari complex. Comprised of lavish gardens and pools, it also featured a bizarre man-made sea, connected beneath the ground with underwater tunnels and small island buildings.
One of these island structures was used as a mosque, and was only accessible by underwater passage.

Behind These Eyes

Eyes of Semana Santa uno

(1/125, F5.6, ISO200, 220mm)

 When I posted my new avatar and old photo of an eye that peaked thru the pointy hat during the Easter procession in Zaragoza, befriended blogger Ashley suggested to go back to that time when I posted more of these ´portraits´.

It has been almost 3 years since I blogged about it and most followers may never have seen them, so I decided to pick my 3 other favorites.

Eyes of Semana Santa dos

(1/200, F5.6, ISO800, 250mm)

Also because I´m more busy nowadays with photographing, traveling, preparing travels etc, etc…and I don´t do a lot of archiving and postprocessing (did refurbish these just a tiny bit!), it would be a convenient way to show I´m still around (somewhere).

Eyes of Semana Santa tres

(1/160, F5.6, ISO200, 250mm)

Thanks for your memory and idea, Ashley!

Smaller and Smaller

Dirgayahu guitarist

(1/30, F2.8, ISO125, 26mm)

 During recent travels when hopping on small boats, rickshaws, buses and taxis around Southeast Asia, I became more and more aware that for some travels where photography wasn´t the main focus, it would be very handy to have a small camera.

After a lot of research and testing it was obvious that the third version of the Sony RX100 was the best option for me. Although more expensive than some SLR´s, all other compacts fell short in size, quality or possibilities (for manual control).

After the price came down in Malaysia I went for it and been trying it out for over a week now.

Last Saturday was a perfect time to test its handling of low light situations at a gig here in Kuala Lumpur and I must say I am very impressed; it feels very easy, and therefor fast, to adjust aperture and diaphragm with its two rings and all other settings (e.g. ISO, focus and metering mode) are just a button away.

Rock on

(1/100, F4, ISO400, 12mm)

The clarity, sharpness, easy handling and lack of noise (at higher iso) makes this a true winner in my book, although it can never replace my big SLR, but that was never the plan.

This last photo shows the beginning of noise when I put it at iso640, but still very well controlled!

(1/100, F4, ISO400, 12mm)

Although I was busy testing my camera I did enjoy the live concerts from Dirgahayu (first photo) and Reset to Zilch (last two photos) very much…


Pale Blue Eye

(1/125, F5.6, ISO200, 214mm)

This is an eye peeking through its capirote, a cone-shaped hat used during the Easter procession in Zaragoza, Spain.

It seemed appropriate to me to start the year 2015 by changing my gravatar to this photo, because this year I hope to become more serious with my photography and also because it was taken in 2012 at the start of my photographic expat travels.

I will obviously go on with posting here and probably add some backstory and experiences while trying this.

Thanks for all the feedback, support and enthousiasm the last couple of years, hope that will continue…

A Time of Reflection

A Time of Reflection

(1/800, F4.5, ISO200, 17mm)

 This time of year always comes with thoughts about how you spent the passing year and what will you do in the new one.
I´ve been very fortunate in 2014 to have been able to see so many new beautiful countries and places and meeting so many interesting people, that I can only think about the fact that if next year is gonna be anything like it, I will be happy as ever.

Only thing I can think of and I tried to start it up last month before my travels interrupted it, is to start exploring what the possibilities are to set up a real photo-business and website.

But as my friends and I always say when we raise another glass ´To better times!´.
If it is good it can always get better but when it´s not so good it will hopefully get better.

So thanks everyone of you that took the time to see, comment and support my photos.
Enjoy your holidays and best to all of you for 2015!

To better times!
(especially dedicated to those that need it)

Too Many Buddhas

Too Many Buddhas

(1/60, F3.5, ISO400, 10mm)

 Near the town of Hpa-an in Myanmar are some steep karst mountains rising from the rice fields.
Apart from the many pagodas and monasteries that stand on top of these mountains, they also contain many caves.

Many of these caves are turned into religious sites, like almost any geological location that stands out in Myanmar.
This is the Kawgun cave, eight miles south of Hpa-an, with its numerous carved buddhas and statues
that date back to the 7th century.


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