My Top 5 destinations in South East Asia!

5. Georgetown, Penang

I thought it´s only fair to start the countdown of favorite destinations in South East Asia with my favorite place in Malaysia, the country that treated me so well the last 3 years and Georgetown, Penang, is definitely worthy of a visit.

From Kuala Lumpur to Georgetown can be done by a cheap and short flight or long roadtrip, but my favorite way to get there is by fast and comfortable train through the heart of mainland Malaysia and then hop on a local ferry that drops you in the UNESCO World Heritage centre of town.

The main reason to visit, but definitely not the only one,  is the outstanding and diverse (street) food.


(1/25, F3.2, ISO2500, 16mm)

At night the streets fill up with food stalls where local people have been specializing their recipes for decades. Although I love the food all around South East Asia, the diversity and multicultural history of Georgetown, Penang,
makes it my favorite food destination in South East Asia.


(1/25, F3.2, ISO2500, 26mm)

It is such a pleasure to watch the food stall owners do their magic and take care of their space afterwards with such determination and skill.

Apart from the amazing food, which is available 24/7, the old Chinese shophouses with their shaded arcades and the small alleys make it a perfect place to just wander around.

There are so many old templesChinese clan houses and dilapidated houses around the old town that will make you feel like you´ve gone back to the 17th century when the Chinese, Indian, Arabian and European ships harbored here.


(taken with Redmi Note 3)

Many of these old buildings have been turned into galleries, coffeeshops, lunch cafe´s and bars that are perfect places to relax and watch the scenes in front of you unfold…

Next photo is inside the amazing China house which is an old building filled with a restaurant, bars, galleries and a shop.
A great example of how to maintain your heritage and still move forward.

(taken with Redmi Note 3)

Another big attraction are the thousands pieces of street art, big and small, that color the streets and alleys.
Some of the interactive pieces have tourists lined up to take a picture, especially the Lithuanian-born artist Ernest Zacharevic is famous in Malaysia because of his street art.

This is one of his.

(taken with my Redmi Note 3)

I always like to wander around town and find the lesser known but sometimes even more impressive street art, especially when combined with the crumbling walls.

(1/400, f4.5, iso200, 17mm)

And sometimes a friendly old local just fills up the empty part of your frame.

(taken with my Redmi Note 3)

So for me this city is a must-go when in Malaysia and as a token of appreciation for those who made it to the end of the longest post in the history of this blog, here´s the cheapest and most friendly local bar/ terrace/ liquor store in Georgetown:
Antarabangsa Enterprise

65 thoughts on “My Top 5 destinations in South East Asia!

  1. I now have “revived” my blog after a turbulent 2016 divorce, property sale, relocation, two grandchildren (!) And much more …..
    Great to see your fine photos again!

  2. Fascinating. This is my first time visiting your blog, but you already catch my attention. I enjoyed reading and follow your flow of story each an every line.
    This is inspiring me. Keep going, kinda excited to follow your journey

    • Hi Nawidavinci, glad you came around here and enjoyed it, one more story to go, but nowadays it´s a little more travel posts than photography, used to be more about photography! Thanks and have a good day,

  3. I’ve really enjoyed your posts, both your photography and descriptions, about South East Asia – a part of the world that I have never visited. I am going to take some time and check out your back posts and look forward to those in the future!
    Thanks for liking my posts about Oaxaca. If you have never been here, it’s a wonderful place also!

    • Hi Marilyn, thanks for reading and appreciating my travel stories, South East Asia was new to me before I moved here 3 years ago, but it has been such an adventure exploring all these countries around. Oaxaca looked amazing, bit far from here, but hoping one day I get to live closer to South America and explore more there, always loved to…
      Have a great week, greetings, Ron

    • Just plain (street) art making good use of the old walls around town, there´s lots of em around town just to brighten the streets and alleys. The most famous became a huge tourist attraction!
      Thanks, greetings, Ron.

  4. Image two and four are my favorites, especially two. I love how the water is the clearest image but the blur behind it is the entire context. Image four is the art of it all. The shift of color from left to right. The staging of the frames both on the wall and in the framing of the hallway. That one feels like a painting to me. Beautiful.

    • Thank you very much, Noelle, I just finished my dinner and saw him cleaning his cart and loved that water running down making that see-through, glad you like it! With four half the work was done by the gallery owner and the lighting they made 😉
      All the best, greetings, Ron.

  5. A very satisfying bit of vicarious travel – scratched that wanderlust itch – thank you 🙂
    And that is great street art, beautifully enhanced by the crumbling urban decay.

    • Hi Suzanne, had to google the word vicarious and still don´t have a clue 😉
      Like I said you would love the place, great street art and little pieces of magic everywhere, found a little garden lane out of centre last time, filled with plants, flowers, and all kinds of green artsy stuff on the walls, really cool!
      Big Hug, have a good week, see you soon(ish)

    • You´re very welcome, Lesley, thank you for taking a thorouhg look, appreciate it. The street photography is not really my thing, but you have to in Asia, so much opportunities here!
      Have a great day,

    • Thanks, Patti, a little more inofrmative than good photography imo, but if you want to tell about a place where you went just for traveling and enjoying, the photos are not the best I guess 😉

    • Hi Angeline, oh I wish technology could record the smells around these food streets, but I´m a bit glad that the ´feeling´ of them is in the photo 😉
      Thanks so much, have a great week, greetings,

    • Thank you very much, Margaret, there´s so much more amazing street art around that town, should do one only about that in the future!
      I was just finishing my food as the man from the stall started cleaning so just lucky in the right place 😉
      Enjoy your week, warm greetings from KL,

    • Thanks very much, those two are definitely the two most photogenic, I suppose, but being part of some sort of travel story, I had to include more than I would normally based on photo quality 😉
      I´m jealous of your writing, I can hardly type a proper blogpost!
      Have a great week

    • Hi Cardinal, that´s what I like too, the combination of the deteriorating buildings with the graffiti, this was very well made, totally agree!
      Have a great week,

    • Hi Harrie, jij was daar natuurlijk ook begin van het jaar? Altijd gaaf om daar te zijn, maar zeker de meest toeristische plek in de top 5. Dat was ook het idee; om es een ander lijstje te maken dan de standaard en gelukkig niet genoeg lezers hier om ze te verpesten 😉
      Fijn weekend, Ron

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