Lost Cloud

Lost Cloud

(1/400, f7.1, iso-100, 250mm)

This is the follow-up to the Lost Mountain-post of the Three Sisters with Monte Perdido in the Spanish Pyrenees.
Actually this was taken at sunset the night before…

85 thoughts on “Lost Cloud

  1. Can I go with you? How did you find such AMAZING range of mountains. They look like the wind carved them!

  2. Uniquely superb image! It reminds me-not the image itself but the title-of a picture of André Kertesz. But in your case the image is still better. For my part as far as concern the title i found another you may like too: Stone and Wool. As a matter of fact this magnificent picture plays with textures and forms in a most ingenious way. Respect!

  3. Gorgeous. I loved my visit to the Pyrenees so many years ago. I’m trying to remember the names of the 3 mountains I climbed but I only recall Pedraforca. The other two were a little higher. I don’t think this was one of them.

  4. I looked into visiting Ordesa y Monte Perdido National Park but it is not easy getting there. I managed to see Mont Perdu from the French side last year. I hope to hike in the Parque one day. Black and White is the way to go with this image.

    • Wow, thank you very much, thats very flattering of you to say, especially after admiring your nature photos lately!
      So sorry for late reply but appreciate it still
      All the best, Ron.

    • Muchas gracias, Lynne, it felt so lost, its not that i cropped out the other clouds, they were nowhere to be seen 😉
      Warm greetings from Spain, Ron.

    • Thanks, David! Guess one of the lessons for me in this photographic journey is knowing what and how to capture and know what can be done in postprocessing if necessary to get what i want! Cheers, Ron.

    • Oooh, wow, thanks, thats great to hear, scenes like this in nature with early or late light are real magic imo
      Thanks for all your enthousiasm always, cheers, Ron.

  5. I am super impressed with the mountains (not so much the cloud, but oh well…). If I didn’t know they were mountains I would have thought something along the lines of a dish of chocolate ripple ice cream…in the process of melting. Truly unusual nature shot!

    • haha, so true, Alli, it does look like ice cream tops, guess its that refreshing up there! The cloud is a nice addition to make the photo a bit more unique than only the mountains, but I´m with you that those are the real eyecatchers here…
      Thanks for your keen eye, cheers, Ron

  6. That little lost cloud has the same shape as a couple of the mountain peaks. Very unusual and nice! Thanks for the visit and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge post “Foreshadow”.

    • Youre very welcome, thanks for stopping by here! haha, it really looks like the little cloud is mocking the mountains like somebody that imitates every word you say 🙂
      Cheers, Ron.

    • Haha, thanks so much, Jo, very kind of you to say, i love all those comments, really, want to answer them all, hell of a job, but so is all the time that people take out to comment and view here! Thank you for finding a great spot to let me know 😉
      All the best to you and your adventures, greetings, Ron.

    • Gracias, Lisa, i thought so too when I saw this unfold, wasnt sure if i was totally awake but luckily grabbed my camera to make sure i was 😉
      Have a great day and thanks for your support, Ron.

    • Thanks, Louis, it pays to wake up early, although without a roof the first light made that a certainty 😉
      All the best and thanks for all your enthousiasm always, Ron.

  7. Yes, wonderful title. And everything looks so fluid here, not of parts
    but of a whole, not quite as if the scene were underwater, more that
    moist air of one purpose goes from sky to the base of the mountains
    in an embrace.
    And yes, Ansel Adams would admire it.

    • Hola Barbara, i was pleased with the fluid feel to the rest of the sky to make the small one stand out too.
      Thanks for the Ansel approvement, i know its very obvious i like the same contrasty b&w mountainous views as he did, big admirer!
      If you watch these scenes unfold in real time it is almost like the clouds are really embracing and circling the mountain(top)s who are partly responsible for their existence…
      Have a great day and thanks for all the great talks, greetz, Ron.

    • Thanks, Angeline, i love those zoomed views of mountains, makes it simpler in composition and strenghten the shapes of the mountain(tops) too, i hope!
      Greetings, Ron.

    • Thanks very much, Elisa, nature provides us with so much beauty, its just waking up early to see it that makes it hard 😉
      All the best, Ron.

    • Thanks, Tina, it looked so alone up there with these monstrous mountains surrounding it 😉
      Greetings and thanks for your support always, Ron.

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