Darkness on the Edge of Town

Darkness on the Edge of Town II

(1/640, F4.5, ISO200, 90mm)

The view from our balcony to the northern parts of Kuala Lumpur during one of the thunderstorms that roll through the Klang Valley during the monsoon season.

The typical building with its dome and Neo-classical architecture, called the Menara Milenium aka Milennium Tower, is my favorite building in view and reminds me of New York and other cities around Europe and America.

76 thoughts on “Darkness on the Edge of Town

  1. You may have noticed I’ve been too busy recently to keep up with the blogging world but had to have a quick peek this morning 🙂 This is fabulous and made the slow download (rubbish internet!) well worthwhile!

    • Hi Noeline, no worries, hope you´re nice busy?
      Same here, didnt spend too much time on blogging lately, enjoying tropical getaways too much 😉
      All the best to you,

    • Hi Judith, definitely feels like that now the (small) rain season is upon us again, i´m amazed on a daily basis by how black and dark green some clouds can look and the sounds of very nearby thunder still makes me jump up, but the drama from my view is unbeatable 😉
      All the best ot you,

  2. Wow, a powerful shot…great lighting & contrast. For me, there is nothing quite as exciting than a big storm moving in…I do not know why I feel this way, and sometimes feel guilty about it, but the power of nature I find just awe inspiring.

    • Thanks and yeah thats very well possible, the rains come like clockwork at around 5pm during rain season and leave a dramatic sky to the reappearing sun to set around 7:30pm 😉
      (As I write this there is a big forest fire going on just in front of those flats in the back on the right in the middle of the city!)

    • Thank you very much, Lisa, it´s such an amazing sight when Mother nature drops by with its sheer power 😉
      Have a good weekend, greetings

    • Thanks very much, Mark! The views are always amazing but with weather like this it becomes very spectacular, so many times we see thunder all thru the night over the mountains far away; our own lightshow 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Hi Paula, holidaaaayyyy (for starters)! Would you believe this is just a real small part of it (you can tell from the 90mm), its unbelievable wide and far and even the skyline of KL with its twin towers; one day I´ll post one of the zillion photos i took from our balcony, if I only knew which one to choose 😉

    • Hello and thanks, Simon! The view is incredible, 180 degrees and towards the mountains and central KL with its Petronas towers 😉
      Have a great weekend, Ron.

    • Oh, this was far from grey, black and white and contrasty, I was lucky to wait for this formations forming 😉
      Muchas gracias, Fran, y saludos

    • Muchas gracias, Carlos 😉
      It´s very easy when you don´t even have to leave your house to wait for the right light and day to get it right!
      Hope all is going well, greetz, Ron

    • Thanks, i like to take my titles from songs, movies sometimes, and yeah this song from the Boss is a favorite of mine…
      Greetings from Malaysia, Ron.

    • Thanks, Angeline, that light in that little tower always fascinates me; it always seems to catch the last rays of sun, that almost all the time appear after the late afternoon storms 😉
      Have a great weekend, greetings, Ron.

    • Thank you, Sue, there´s not too much light when these clouds storm by 😉
      Actually was lucky to get this as they´re busy building a new tower next to it and cranes are in the way now…
      Have a great week, all the best from KL,

    • Dank je, Chris, ik vind het altijd geweldig om die stormen over te zien komen, heel indrukwekkend, maar harder dan ik ooit zag en hoorde zo dichtbij 🙂
      Groet, Ron.

        • Haha, ja, heb er aardig wat (moelijk fotograferen met donker-licht contrasten, maar zal nog es in archieven graven…), maar vond deze toch wel opvallendst en meest apocalyptisch, zoals je zegt.
          Het echte heftige regen en onweer-seizoen is rond dec/jan, elke dag feest en mooier entertainment vanaf ons balkonnetje kan ik me niet bedenken 😉

    • Thanks very much, Alexandra, it´s only a small part of it 😉 but I thought like this it worked best as a composition!
      Hope all is great in Greece?!
      Greetings, Ron

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