No Sound

blocked view II

(1/100, f6.3, iso-100, 43mm)

This is the view from an abandoned road restaurant near Villanueva de Perales on the M-501 (30km west of Madrid) now blocked by a sonic wall.

34 thoughts on “No Sound

    • Muchas gracias, Meanderer! Thought it had a medieval feel to it as well, that’s why I wanted to combine it with the (restorated but still) medieval walls behind it.

    • Hi Josh, thank vey much for the nomination; very flattered you chose my blog as one of em. Never excepted awards, cuz want to leave it to the photos to do my talking 😉 hope you understand and not less appreciative of your liking my work, gracias, & have a great day too, Ron

      • You are very welcome, Ron- And I completely understand- These things are totally optional, just an extension of the blogging community, really. I really enjoy your work, though- Take it easy over there!

    • Thanks so much, Asley. guess anywhere theyre building a road next to old houses you can find some nice and brigt, differently shaped nice ones 😉

    • Thanks very much Melinda, my attention was grabbed by that light and the one in the top of the remaining glass versus the dark (green) background. Glad you like it as an expert on b&w still lifes 🙂
      greetings, Ron

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