Endless, Nameless

Endless Nameless

Next to Villaviciosa de Odón on the road to our last hometown in Spain, Sevilla La Nueva, lies a never finished construction for a cancer treatment hospital.
After a year of driving past it I visited the site in my last week before leaving Spain…

(1/250, F8, ISO200, 13mm)

Flowers Must Die part VI

Flowers must die VI

(1/269, F2, ISO100, 3mm)

Resurrecting the ´Flowers Must Die´- series (that sounds contradictory!), because I walked upon this scene of a clash between natural and human creations…
(As you can see by the exif it was again taken by phone)

Angry Chair

Angry Chair

(1/40, f3.5, iso-1600, 10mm)

 This is the old (wine) cellar in a friend´s house in Centenera in the Spanish Pyrenees.
The same place were Elvis was still going strong in this old post.

The Crawl

The Crawl

On my walk to the 12th century Monasterio de Bonaval (more later…) in the Sierra de Guadalajara to the North of Madrid
I spotted this ´wurm´ on its crawl through the muddy orange soil.
Although its been over a year these walks in those quiet valleys around Spain are still resonating in my head…

(1/640, F4, ISO200, 12mm)

Broken Symmetry

Broken Symmetry II

(1/160, F8, ISO400, 46mm)

Another shot from the amazing structures around the Marina Bay in Singapore. This is a reflection and see-through of the facade to the luxurious mall underneath the huge Marina Bay Sands.

Flowers Must Die part V

Flowers Must Die V

(1/125, F6.3, ISO200, 39mm)

For this moment the last in the Flowers Must Die-series, but I´m pretty sure I´ll find more flowers dying and being obstructed by human structures (pavements, asphalt etc.) from giving their last breath back to the soil…


These are two abstracts from the beautiful natural granite and limestone Meditation cave in the Banjaran Hotsprings retreat.
This is were we spent our last christmas.

For the second time I used the wordpress gallery to better view them together and on their own (by clicking), like I did with the abandoned stairs diptych of Inside Snow AKA Negative Space.

…and find the same spots from a different angle!

(both 1/25, F3.5, ISO800, 10mm)


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